The 'What's Next?' Phenomenon

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:12

I recently came across the following posting on the ARE Forum:

“This may sound crazy, but since passing the LEED exam, I have been moderately depressed. I know I should be climbing the walls with happiness, I feel spent. I cannot seem to get my engines going again. I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced this?” 

I have paraphrased the excellent points made by the resulting posters:

Before the test, there was great tension and anxiety. Studying occupied every free minute. Upon receiving a passing score, there was a brief moment of euphoria. 

But now what? As with most big events, there is great buildup and anticipation but usually a let-down feeling afterwards. This is normal. The exam must have been much easier than you had expected. You were ready for a great battle and did not find an adequate "opponent." 

Not only is spare time feasible again, but adding a LEED credential to your name might provide job security. With this economy, it is important to have whatever edge you can over your competition.

You should feel proud about passing the LEED exam. You studied hard, and you achieved your goal. Hopefully you will now get more opportunities to work on LEED projects so that you can use what you have learned.

Another way to use what you have learned is to go outside, get some fresh air, and spend some time designing something simple (such as a doghouse, child’s playhouse, etc.) that incorporates some of the ARE & LEED principles you’ve been studying about for all this time. You’ll start to remember why you actually wanted to be an architect in the first place, and it’ll help re-live those fun days of designing whatever you wanted in the university studio.

Like an Olympic athlete, you crossed the finish line, and now the excitement is over. What you should do is use that enthusiasm to spur you onto the next thing - perhaps considering an advanced LEED AP specialty designation. It’s great that so many people have a desire to keep on learning. Now is a great time for you to consider LEED AP exam prep