Timeline for ISSP Certification

Thu, 2016-08-11 09:38

Update (10/4/16): ISSP Exam Prep is now available! Click here to get started.

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) hosted an info session on Tuesday afternoon regarding its new professional sustainability certification program.

After conducting research and acquiring feedback from sustainability professionals, ISSP has come forward to lead the charge for a sustainability certification program. They have spent the last few years developing the program and finalizing logistics.

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With a pending launch set for Fall 2016, ISSP staff have courteously conducted monthly information sessions to spread their message and share updates on their progress.

If you’re new to this discussion...

ISSP’s certification program will be aimed at sustainability practitioners – that is, professionals who spend more than 25% of their work time planning, implementing, managing, and reporting sustainability efforts for organizations and communities. This includes internal practitioners who may hold a title like “sustainability director” as well as external consultants who help organizations implement sustainable practices.

MISSION – A true sustainability professional can go into ANY organization (public or private) to assess sustainability risks and opportunities. ISSP Certification is meant to instill these skills and help sustainability professionals stand out.

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ISSP Certification

There will be two levels of ISSP Certification: Sustainability Associate and Certified Sustainability Professional. Both levels will require some form of prerequisite prior to the certification exam as well as continuing education to maintain the credential.

ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA)

  • Sign Code of Ethics Declaration
  • Pass ISSP-SA Certification Exam

ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP)

  • Meet ISSP-SA requirement
  • Fulfill educational qualifications
  • Meet work experience requirement
  • Pass ISSP-CSP Certification Exam

Credential holders will need to renew their certification every two years through learning and activities such as ISSP membership, educational and professional activities, work experience, publications, etc.

Looking Toward ISSP Certification – A Timeline

ISSP must resolve several logistical steps before they can officially launch the certification program. Those steps (and their approximate deadlines) include:

  • ISSP Education Partner Program – Sep 2016
  • ISSP Study Guide – Oct 2016
  • ISSP Certification Launch – Nov 2016

Everblue plans to become an ISSP Education Partner and launch an ISSP Exam Prep course around the time that the program launches. Please check back us for more information.

In the meantime, interested parties are encouraged to join ISSP as a member and/or participate as a volunteer. ISSP offers a variety of volunteering opportunities, with committees related to recertification, study guide task force, test development, and the education partner program. ISSP is a member-driven organization with members all over the world, so it’s imperative that those interested in the program get involved and connect with like-minded peers.

To volunteer, please email certification@sustainabilityprofessionals.com or info@sustainabilityprofessional.com with VOLUNTEER and the name of the committee in the subject line.