Top 10 Reasons to Take a LEED Class

Thu, 2009-09-24 01:52

Save yourself the trouble and time of tackling LEED exam preparation on your own and take advantage of the benefits of a LEED course. Here are the top ten reasons to sign up today!

  1. Improve your chances of passing the LEED exam. The most important thing to know is a LEED class is a valuable investment, but it’s a good investment when you pass the first time! Don’t waste time and money taking the test more than once; 90% of Everblue’s students pass the exam on their first try.
  2. Get a bountiful supply of sample test materials to aid in your studies. LEED classes include over 400 sample questions to help you prepare for the exam. The more familiar and comfortable you are with the exam format before taking it, the better you’ll do.
  3. Learn from the best of the best: LEED-accredited professionals. The classes are taught by LEED-APs from varying backgrounds in the design and building industries that have taken the exam and know what to expect. They know firsthand about what taking the exam will really be like.
  4. Get the focus you need to prepare for the exam. Can’t seem to sit yourself down to study? Instead of diving in it alone, you can sit in a LEED exam preparation course and have all the material explained to you clearly and concisely. Between procrastination and trying to teach yourself the material, a lot of time gets wasted!
  5. See the material come to life. The intensive, high-energy environment of a LEED class will enliven the course material in a way that independent study simply can’t match.
  6. Familiarize yourself with the exam format. LEED classes help you to prepare for the exam by breaking down and organizing the various topics covered on the exam comprehensively, making it easier to grasp the concepts. Consisting of 80 multiple choice questions, the test is scored from 125 to 200, with a score of at least 170 required to pass.
  7. Choose from a variety of courses. Beyond taking a LEED test preparation course, you can take a variety of courses designed to increase your knowledge in specific areas. As the Green Economy expands so will the demand for LEED-related careers. Your specialized knowledge will help you stand out from the crowd.
  8. Keep abreast of the changes to the LEED system. The introduction of LEED v.3 earlier this year brought with it a number of changes in how LEED certification is conferred and maintained. A LEED class will help explain these changes, provide up-to-date information, and will give you a chance to voice any questions you might have.
  9. Receive guidance on how to study for the exam. Long time since you’ve been in school? A LEED class helps with studying techniques that give you that extra advantage to do well.
  10. Meet other students taking the exam. Group study and discussion, with the benefit of input from others in the course, will help when it comes to understanding LEED topics. You’ll learn from the perspective that your classmates will bring to the course. Afterward, you’ll be at an advantage: you’ll be part of a network of LEED-accredited professionals, and with that comes new business contacts and opportunities.


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