ULE 880 Sustainability Standard Comments Open

Mon, 2010-09-06 15:16

On August 2nd, Underwriter Laboratories in partnership with Greener World Media lauched a corporate sustainability standard called ULE 880. Underwriter Laboratories is best known for its independent standards that you see on most electronic devices, however, they also have an environmental standards devision. This type of independent corporate sustainability standard is long over due. Right now the standard is in public comment phase - you can signup to read and comment on ULE 880, here.

ULE 880 covers five categories of sustainability with 102 indicators. I am not sure yet if the indicators are actions that a company should take or just reporting metrics that a company can take. Here are the ULE 880 five categories of sustainability:

  • Sustainability Governance: how an organization leads and manages itself in relation to its stakeholders, including its employees, investors, regulatory authorities, customers, and the communities in which it operates
  • Environment: an organization’s environmental footprint across its policies, operations, products and services, including its resource use and emissions
  • Workplace: issues related to employee working conditions, organization culture, and effectiveness
  • Customers and Suppliers: issues related to an organization’s policies and practices on product safety, quality, pricing, and marketing as well as its supply chain policies and practices
  • Social and Community Engagement: an organization’s impacts on its community in the areas of social equity, ethical conduct, and human rights


I just signed up for the comment period and I intend to read these sustainability standards this week. I have a few questions that immediately come to mind about ULE 880 though. Is ULE 880 just for manufacturing organizations? What is the business model associated with the standard? Will it be publicly available? Will it require a third party verification (like LEED and Energy Star) or will it be self-reported like the GRI?

If you have any thoughts on the ULE 880 Corporate Sustainability Standards, please let us know below.  If you want to learn about corporate sustainability, register for Everblue's Sustainability Manager Training Course.