Update on HOME STAR

Mon, 2010-08-09 10:11

Dear Everblue,

Recently we updated you on HOME STAR's inclusion in the Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act of 2010. It was a huge step forward in our campaign to get HOME STAR passed.

The bill is being delayed over issues unrelated to HOME STAR -- senators have not been able to agree on language for the oil spill provisions in the legislation. Yesterday, Majority Leader Reid announced that the bill will not be voted on this week. Instead, senators will focus primarily on the confirmation of Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagen. That means a Senate vote on HOME STAR will not happen until after Labor Day, when Congress comes back from its summer recess.

I know that companies are now planning for the Fall, and the uncertainty around HOME STAR has affected your operational planning. Although the bill is delayed, we continue to build momentum toward passage after Congress comes back in September. Just yesterday, the list of HOME STAR co-sponsors grew to 33.

When they're back in DC, we'll be there too -- keeping the pressure up to pass HOME STAR.

In the meantime, we're asking Efficiency First members to meet with your senators and their staffs in support of HOME STAR. If you have already met them, please set up another meeting. Contact info@efficiencyfirst.org to step up and help plan a meeting.

We also know that there's no silver bullet for growth in the Home Performance industry, so Efficiency First is working at all levels to help your company succeed now and in the future:

  • Efficiency First chapters are building teams to work on state and local policy, liaise with local programs and share local lessons learned. Get involved: www.efficiencyfirst.org/chapters
  • Our Best Practices Working Groups are busy with projects and looking for new participants to work in our 7 topics areas. View the topics and join a working group: www.efficiencyfirst.org/take-action/best-practices
  • The Efficiency First member education series has upcoming webinars on contractor financing opportunities, word-of-mouth and search engine marketing, media relations and BPI accreditation. View webinar info and past recordings: www.efficiencyfirst.org/webinars (must be a current member to access)

As we move forward on HOME STAR and other projects, we will keep you updated and let you know how to help.

Thanks for your support,

Greg Thomas
Chair of the Board
Efficiency First

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