USGBC Rescheduling Policy for LEED Exams between March 26th and March 31st

Thu, 2009-09-24 00:15

Last fall, when the LEED EB exam was phased out on September 30th, the GBCI and USGBC experienced a surge of registrants and re-registrants that pretty much swamped their abilities. In fact, many people reported that the registration system itself was very slow and unresponsive on September 30th. Given how much bigger LEED NC and CI are compared to what LEED EB was in September, I predict that the entire system will breakdown at least a few days in advance and possibly the entire last week of March. So, if you haven’t already, register your exam and save yourself the headache of dealing with the GBCI during that last week of March. It seems that the USGBC and GBCI are anticipating this surge and have provided the below response. This email letter is actually a written confirmation of a conversation between the GBCI and one of our in-house training groups:

Dear Ms. Jennifer Allgaier, Customer Service USGBC:

This e-mail is to confirm our conversation this morning and my understanding of the provisions made by USGBC for LEED Candidates taking the examination prior to March 31st. Candidates taking the examination on or prior to March 26th will have the opportunity to re-schedule the exam before March 31st should they fail. If their results are not posted within 72 hours of having taken the examination, the Candidate is to call USGBC directly at 1-800-795-1747 to inform them and to be reset, enabling them to re-register for the LEED AP exam before the March 31st date so that they still qualify for the current exam (LEED AP for New Construction). While posting of the test results is typically taking 72 hours, if a Candidate’s results do not appear on the USGBC website enabling them to re-register, USGBC has made provisions to address this problem should it occur and not penalize the Candidate who attempted the exam prior to March 31st . You also said that when the candidate calls into to USGBC, the must have the paper work issued them at Prometric Test Center (after they took the test) with the testing information and numbers. Should you require additional information or would like to comment, please reply to this e-mail in writing.

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