Weatherization Job Opportunities

Wed, 2011-01-19 22:14

I am frequently asked about job and work opportunities for energy auditors. Here is one example of an opportunity for an energy auditor. What amazes me is how hidden many of these opportunities seem to be.

Who: Community Action of Northeast Indiana, Inc. (CANI).

What: Requesting work proposals from professional contractors for weatherization work on low-income homes in northeast Indiana. Work includes:

  • Infiltration
  • Attic, wall insulation and ventilation
  • Floor insulation over unheated basement, crawl spaces, and perimeter insulation.
  • Hot water heater insulation.

Where: Northeast Indiana.

When: Applicants can send their information to Mary Harris at (260) 423-3546 or 1-800-589-2264, or by writing to CANI, P.O. Box 10570, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46853. Any request for proposal forms must be sent no later than February 14, 2011.

Why: Community Action of Northeast Indiana, Inc., (CANI) invites proposals from professional contractors for the work activities listed above in connection with the DOE/ ARRA HEC weatherization programs provided by the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority and administered by CANI. One hundred (100) percent of the programs will be financed by federal funds, with an annual funding level of $3,221,750.

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