RESNET, Positive Partnerships with Builders

Last Updated:
Fri, 2018-04-20 13:25

A growing number of home building companies adopt RESNET HERS Rating, signaling the growth of energy efficiency and green building trends.

So you’re a savvy builder, architect, realtor or home owner who knows that the green building trend is here to stay, huh?  Maybe you even stayed ahead of the curve and built an energy efficient home with a high RESNET HERS rating.  However, being the intelligent businessperson that you are, you also know that unless the rest of the market knows about, and understands, your energy efficiency investments, you are unlikely to see the appropriate return on your investment.

To remedy this problem, increase profits and raise consumer awareness about energy efficiency, a growing number of builders are entering into Memorandums of Understanding (written agreements recognizing mutual and shared goals) with the folks at RESNET. In these agreements, builders commit to having their constructed homes certified by a RESNET evaluator and to marketing this HERS rating to consumers and realtors.

Many national home building companies, including Pulte, Del Webb and Centex have signed on. As well, almost fifty state, regional and local home building companies have agreed to meet the RESNET standards and then market that. To see a complete list of the participants, click here.

So what does this mean?

Consumer Awareness Will Increase: By making the RESNET HERS rating of homes readily available, these agreements are adding energy efficiency as a factor for homeowners to consider when buying a home. This will contribute to the overall paradigm shift that is marketplace is undergoing to lead to a greater acceptance and usage of green building techniques. Simply calling attention to a new building trend increases consumer awareness, increases consumer demand for this trend and increases the profits associated with implementing this trend.

Local and Regional Companies Will Benefit: An important part of the RESNET HERS rating is how well a particular building uses energy efficiency measures to adapt to the specific environment that the home is in. Thus, this rating benefits (possibly) smaller, local and regional companies who are experts in their specific geographic areas. Aware consumers will look for this rating and new homes built in the area will be pressured to follow suit.

Increase Need For RESNET Raters: The more aware consumers are, the more they will demand certified homes. Additionally, the more companies that partner with RENET, the more RESNET will need qualified evaluators. Thus, a growing demand for this skill set will surface. Continuing education institutions like Everblue Training Institute offer programs that teach anyone how to easily make this career transition. No previous experience is necessary and the job opportunities and earning potentials are only increasing as the RESNET program expands.