When Will the LEED Exam Change to LEED 2009?

Thu, 2009-09-24 00:00

Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 7:14 AM

Reply from GBCI 

This a question we have been receiving a lot of lately, but unfortunately the decision about whether to take the current version of the LEED AP Exam is up to the individual candidate.

You should ask yourself the following questions: What is my study timeline? How much time will I need to fully prepare for the test, including attending a workshop and gaining practice experience? Am I working on a project which will be registered under LEED 2009? Will it be beneficial to my professional development to study LEED 2009 or to study one of the current LEED Rating Systems?

To help you with these questions I can offer the following information. We are still in the high-level planning stages for the LEED 2009 exam program and do not yet have a solid timeline, but a standard turnaround for an exam would be 3-9 months after LEED 2009 is launched next year. We will provide public announcements and press releases as the program takes shape, and you will have plenty of advanced notice about when we will stop offering the current LEED AP Exams. Also, you need to consider that if you take the current version of the exam and fail, you might not have the opportunity to take the same version of the exam again before it is retired. I hope this information will help you make a decision.

Accreditation currently does not expire. However, as stated on page 19 of the attached candidate handbook, we will announce our plans for accreditation maintenance this year to ensure that the credential continues to distinguish those who maintain current knowledge and skills.

I hope you found this information helpful; if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions.



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