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How to Get Project Management Experience

Thu, 2014-06-12 11:21

Last Updated: 2017-05-10 03:16

We recently held a free live webinar called "LEED & PMP – Perfect Together." The purpose of this information session was to help our LEED students navigate the expectations and processes associated with earning a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification. As outlined in the presentation, there is a high crossover of skills between PMP Certification and LEED Accreditation. It is quite common for LEED professionals to seek a project management certification due to this alignment of values and experience.

Why Checklists are the Secret Ingredient

Tue, 2014-06-10 09:10

Every day brings tasks that must be accomplished, be it at work, with your family, or with outside organizations to which you are a member. Those who accumulate responsibilities, whether family, career, or community, also accumulate things to do. Creating a few questions to ask yourself at the end of every day can help you evaluate how your time is spent, keep you on track with your goals, and help you prioritize future tasks. This may sound like common knowledge but all too often this seemingly obvious practice goes under-utilized in the workplace.

Young Professionals Helping Keep Local Creek Clean

Mon, 2014-06-09 14:37

Amid 90-degree temperatures on Wednesday afternoon, a group of 14 young professionals strapped on their boots and gloves to participate in a creek cleanup at Little Sugar Creek. The Emerging Professionals (Epros) of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) Charlotte chapter gathered at the corner of Brandywine and Westfield Roads to help with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services Department's Adopt-A-Stream program.

States Share Electricity Between Texas and the Southeast

Fri, 2014-06-06 09:11

A California-based energy company plans to build a 400-mile transmission line, connecting renewable energy resources in Texas to states in the Southeast. The company, Pattern Energy, recently won approval for the project from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Texas is the nation's largest wind energy generator with more than 12,000 MW of wind energy capacity.

What's Happening This Week With Solar

Tue, 2014-06-03 15:26

There's a lot going on this week with the solar industry, from new reports and data summarizing first quarter growth to futuristic solar roadways and planes. Here at Everblue, our goal is to educate and inform our audience so they can join the green workforce from a competitive vantage point. With that in mind, we've summarized the most important developments in solar this week to keep you in the know.

U.S. Residential Solar Surpasses Commercial Installations for the First Time

No More LEED v3 Exams

Fri, 2014-05-30 09:23

As you may be aware, the current version of the LEED Exam will be expiring on June 15, 2014. There will be a period from June 15-30 where there will be no LEED Exams administered. The LEED v4 Exam will launch on July 1 at a Prometric Testing Center near you.

Many are cramming to schedule their LEED v3 exam before the June 15 cut-off. Unfortunately, what they’re finding is that the exam slots are filling up at a rapid pace.

Lean Six Sigma being utilized by Boeing

Wed, 2014-05-28 17:08

It’s always nice to see examples of Lean Six Sigma processes being put into action effectively. Today we will discuss the example set by a Boeing 777 manufacturer in Everett, Washington.

Painting-robots help achieve lean manufacturing

The "LEED AP Without Specialty" Controversy

Thu, 2014-05-22 16:00

Last Updated: 2017-04-18 03:26

You may have heard the term LEED AP before, though you might not be aware of the layers that live within this title.

To find out how you can become a LEED AP, visit our LEED Credentialing Process page.

For some background, when the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System was established in 1993, it was determined that an individual who passed the LEED Exam would earn the title of a LEED AP, or LEED Accredited Professional.

Oldest Building to Achieve LEED-EB Platinum

Tue, 2014-05-20 14:32

This year, the Hurt Building was awarded the TOBY award for Outstanding Historical Building of the Year, in Atlanta, but this isn’t the only award the building is racking up this year. Boxer Property recently announced that its historic Hurt Building has been awarded LEED-EB Platinum certification, making it the oldest commercial office building to achieve this rating.

A Monument of Historic ArchitectureHurt-Building

The Newest Member of the IREC Credentialing Award Committee

Thu, 2014-05-15 12:52

We are excited to announce that our Curriculum Development Manager, Glenn Mauney, has been appointed to the Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC) Credentialing Award Committee! Glenn previously participated on the Working Group that reviewed the Institute for Sustainable Power Quality (ISPQ) International Standard 01022. The Working Group's goal was to update the standard in a way that reflects the changing needs of training and education specific to clean energy and energy efficiency.

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