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How to Become an Energy Manager

Mon, 2012-03-05 08:53

One of the most talked about green jobs of the moment is the energy manager. With rising energy costs and increased awareness, energy efficiency professionals are turning to their resumes for an answer to how they can keep up with this rapidly growing industry. The answer involves a slight career change.

The Difference Between Everblue and BPI

Wed, 2012-02-29 09:13

Welcome to the corporate blog for Everblue! Everblue is the nation’s leading sustainability education and green jobs training provider. We offer training courses that benefit construction and building professionals, providing them with the skill sets that make them a valuable asset to the sustainability and green building industries. Our courses prepare students for certification exams on the following topics: LEED Accreditation, BPI Certification, RESNET Certification, NATE Certification, Solar, and Corporate Sustainability.

Becoming a Sustainable Business

Mon, 2012-02-20 10:51

More and more organizations are starting to adopt sustainable business practices, to the point where they are actually creating sustainability departments. The goal of a sustainability department is to help a company ensure its long-term future by analyzing supply chain procedures and adapting them to allow a more efficient and cost-effective process.

Ways To Be Green On Valentine's Day

Mon, 2012-02-13 08:43

It’s that time of year again. You’re wondering what to get your significant other and how to make the day special. While you’re thinking about the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day, you might also be wondering how you can be sustainable. Below are four tips on how to make your Valentine’s Day more sustainable:

Certified Flowers

GI Bill Reimbursement for BPI Exams

Thu, 2012-02-09 10:16

Everblue is excited to announce GI Bill payment for BPI certification exams.

The regional Veterans Affairs bureau has approved GI Bill reimbursement for veterans who have completed a BPI certification exam, or who plan to take an exam this year. The skills attained through service, including technical skills and commitment to quality, are highly valued in the home performance industry. BPI certifications offer numerous benefits to veterans, including:

Does NATE Certification Increase My Pay?

Fri, 2012-02-03 08:15

If you're an HVAC professional, you may be debating whether it is worth it for you to achieve an HVAC certification, such as NATE. Because HVAC work primarily focuses on the health and safety of citizens, education and experience are critical characteristics for any HVAC technician. A technician who has pursued NATE Certification, therefore, demonstrates a serious commitment to the industry and will likely receive a greater salary than a regular HVAC technician.

Understanding Municipal Sustainability

Tue, 2012-01-31 08:29

President Obama’s State of the Union address last week charged individuals and federal agencies to work toward energy independence and clean energy. Municipal governments have responded to such charges by developing their own sustainability plans. Community leaders have taken on the responsibility and aim to reevaluate procedures that negatively contribute to climate change.

President Obama on U.S. Energy Independence

Thu, 2012-01-26 11:16

During the State of the Union address Tuesday, President Obama outlined plans to create a nation that’s “built to last,” underlining many key energy policies that will assist in energy independence. One of the primary aspects of his speech involved decreasing investments on foreign oil, not only from a sustainability standpoint, but also in terms of increasing our national security. The increased tensions in the Middle East coupled with continued economic reliance on foreign oil has created a real threat to the stability of America’s energy needs.

BPI vs NATE Certification

Mon, 2012-01-23 09:43

Are you an HVAC professional looking for an industry certification? Not sure whether you should take HVAC training in the form of BPI Certification or NATE Certification? Let us briefly explain the similarities and differences between these two certifications, so you can get the specialized training you seek and also enhance your career.

How Much Does an Energy Manager Make?

Tue, 2012-01-17 11:27

Energy efficiency - in both the residential and commercial environments - has become a highly sought after characteristic. Individuals looking to break into the green industry should consider becoming a professional energy manager, as this position would allow someone to utilize their leadership and technical skills to incite change and manage large-scale energy efficiency projects.

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