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BPI Certification Training Instructor In Front of Blower DoorWith Building Performance Institute (BPI) Training and Certification, you will be qualified to perform the home energy audits that are the foundation of the rapidly growing home weatherization industry.

Everblue understands the benefits of your BPI Certification. As such, we make the certification process as easy as possible for you. Our training includes the classroom training, field training, written exam and field exam - you can complete the BPI Building Analyst training and testing in as little as 5 days.


BPI Building Analyst/Energy Auditor Training Courses
BPI Building Analyst/Energy Auditor Webinars


Step 1: BPI Training for the Building Analyst 

BPI Building Analyst is the basic BPI Certification. The BPI Training for the Building Analyst course teaches you the knowledge necessary to provide homeowners an overview of energy consumption and options to save money by conserving energy. It is aligned with BPI Building Analyst Professional standards for energy auditing and provides instruction for energy efficiency analysis using the house-as-a-system approach. Anyone can become a BPI Certified Building Analyst; there are no prerequisites.

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Step 2: BPI Training for Company Accreditation 

Once you have earned your BPI Building Analyst, it's time to enhance your skills and propel yourself and your company ahead of the competition. Completing any of these residential specialization courses qualifies your company to earn BPI Accreditation.  With BPI Accreditation, you can qualify for government contracts, utility programs, and more.

BPI Envelope Shell Professional

BPI Multi-family Building Analyst

BPI Heating Professional

BPI Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Professional

We take pride in the quality of our curriculum, as well as the professionalism and experience level of our instructors. By signing up for Everblue's BPI Building Analyst/Energy Auditor course, you will be taking the first step to becoming a BPI certified Building Analyst - the first step towards furthering your career and enhancing your business in today's challenging economic environment.

Your entire BPI Training and Certification process will be administered and instructed by Everblue training professionals - individuals who are passionate about what they do and who value your success as much as you do.

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