Certified Sustainability Manager Exam

Certified Sustainability Managers are specialists in their field. By attaining your CSM certification, you demonstrate that your knowledge and skills are among the best in the country – capable of implementing sustainability strategies that help the environment, reduce risk, keep costs down & profits up, increase customer goodwill, and attract and keep high-quality people dedicated to changing the world.

Why Become a Certified Sustainability Manager?

Sustainability is an increasingly important business focus across all market sectors in both developed and developing economies. This is due in part to growing recognition of the negative environmental and social impacts as well as the realization that sustainability can help businesses reduce costs, increase revenue, improve quality, attract and retain talent, and derive other business benefits from these activities.

Professionally, sustainability represents a tremendous opportunity for you to improve your organization and to help make the world a better place. As businesses commit to sustainability, earning the CSM designation will help you demonstrate your passion and knowledge for sustainability best practices.

Who Can Become a Certified Sustainability Manager?

Certified Sustainability Manager (CSM)
4-Year Degree
2 Years Professional Experience (Sustainability Experience Not Required)
Signature to the CSM code of ethics
Completion of our 16-hour training program

Steps to Becoming a Certified Sustainability Manager

1. Review the CSM standards and procedures
2. Review the Testable Knowledge List
3. Enroll in training
4. Take a 100-question exam that covers the drivers of business sustainability, sustainability reporting formats, as well as sustainability best practices
5. If successful, receive your certification 2-4 weeks after your exam

CSM EXAM Details

  • 2 Hours Timed, 100 Questions
  • 80% Required to Pass
  • Computerized Exam – delivered online at Everbluetraining.com
  • Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  • Open Book Exam
  • Professional Certificates Mailed in 2-3 Weeks

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