BPI Energy Auditor Training & Certification

The Fastest Way to Learn About Home Energy Auditing

BPI-certified professionals use building science technology to solve heating, cooling, and air leakage problems that are driving high energy costs for homeowners. HVAC technicians, general contractors, remodelers, and insulation contractors use these skills to attract new clients, build trust, and lay a foundation for future retrofit work. BPI Certification is the perfect way for residential contractors working on existing single-family homes to stand out from their competitors. Register Now!

BPI Certification will help you to:

  • bring existing homes up to modern building code
  • save homeowners 20% or more on their energy bills
  • negotiate better pay and more referrals
  • participate in utility programs that require a BPI certification
  • enhance your marketability and grow your business

More than half a million new energy auditor jobs will be needed in the next 10 years. Start now and use the nationally recognized certifications from the Building Performance Insitute (BPI) to build a stronger, more reliable reputation. With BPI training from Everblue, you can enter a growing industry with skills that can be immediately applied in the field, from air leakage testing with blower door and duct blaster equipment to combustion appliance safety.

Getting Started - Which BPI Certification Should You Pursue?

BPI offers several certifications, and there are 3 ways to enter the industry, depending on your occupation and goals:

BPI Envelope is a common add-on for supervisors and senior field technicians who want to broaden their whole-house knowledge and provide energy improvement recommendations to their homeowner clients.

  What You'll Learn





  Health & Safety  


  Building Science 


  Construction Math  


  Blower Door & House Pressure  

  Duct Pressure Diagnostics  


  Duct Tightness Testing & Verification  


  Combustion Appliance Safety  


  Step-by-Step Energy Audit    

  Work Scope Prioritization    

  Advanced Envelope Analysis    


  Thermal & Pressure Boundary Evaluation    


  Price (with all Certification Exam fees included)

Online Only


$1,795 - $2,095
Blended or Live

$1,795 - $2,095
Blended or Live

Unlike other providers, Everblue is a BPI Training Organization and BPI Test Center – which means that we are approved to provide training and exams during our program. We believe in a “one-stop-shop” mentality. With our BPI Certification program, we eliminate the need for you to piece together all the certification requirements. Our program is all-inclusive, making it easy and hassle-free for you!

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Course Formats - Blended vs. Live 

Due to the hands-on nature of home energy auditing, Everblue's BPI training courses require in-person interaction. Students will spend time in a real house working with diagnostic equipment. We do, however, have flexible scheduling available.

  • Blended - online pre-recorded instruction mixed with live hands-on field training and proctored exams
  • Live - in-person classroom instruction with live hands-on field training and proctored exams

Our BPI Certification training is uniquely packaged into an intense week-long boot camp. During this week of training, you can prepare for any combination of the certifications listed above. The Blended schedule offers an online webinar that takes the place of the first 2 days of live in-person classroom training and is a great choice for those with a limited budget or ability to travel.

BPI Training Schedule

*Please Note: Field exams are proctored on a one-on-one basis. Each candidate is given a 2-hour slot for each of the certification exams attempted. These slots may carry over into additional training days. Exam slots will be scheduled first-come, first-served.


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  BPI Building Science Principles  

Online Course

  BPI Infiltration & Duct Leakage (BPI IDL)   

  Blended Course

  BPI Building Analyst   Live Course

  Blended Course

  BPI Envelope Professional   Live Course

  Blended Course



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  BPI Building Analyst + IDL   Live Course

  Blended Course

  BPI Building Analyst + Envelope   Live Course

  Blended Course

  BPI IDL + Envelope   Live Course

  Blended Course

  BPI Building Analyst + IDL + Envelope   Live Course

  Blended Course


BPI Certifications are valid for 3 years. If you need to renew your certification, please call us at 888-285-4022 for testing options.

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