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HVAC InspectionBPI Certification is administered by the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI). BPI is a recognized global leader in standards development as well as a credentialing organization for residential energy efficiency. BPI supports training through a network of training affiliate organizations and test centers, such as Everblue.

BPI Certification is a rigorous, credible, and defensible written and field examination process administered to individuals by BPI or its training affiliates, to prove knowledge, skills and professional competency in the building performance industry designations.

BPI Building Analyst Certification

BPI works with building performance industry stakeholders to ensure that the professional bar for excellence in building performance contracting is established and maintained by creating and regularly updating technical requirements through an open, transparent, consensus-based development process.

BPI measures the knowledge, skills and competency of individuals, and evaluates the organizations impacting building performance. BPI accomplishes this with an integrated certification, accreditation and quality assurance program designed to support the building performance contracting industry. BPI also offers added support services that promote and stimulate infrastructural development, emphasizing education and outreach.

Improve Productivity, Positioning and Profitability

Do you understand the relationship between all the systems in the house and its effect on occupant health, safety and comfort, and energy efficiency and durability? With BPI Energy Auditor training, you'll learn the fundamentals of home performance assessments, building envelope and HVAC testing. As a BPI Certified Professional, you will be able to provide customers with an economic forecast of return on investment through energy savings and ensure that the interaction of specific building systems does not create any harmful conditions.

Everblue BPI Building Analyst Training

This low-cost training program can bring you new business for years to come. By using building science technology to help customers solve heating, cooling and air leakage problems that are driving high energy costs, you’ll also provide them with a more comfortable, safe and durable home. This training will help you to gain building science knowledge and related practical skills that will benefit your business and help the community to become more energy efficient.

Anyone can become BPI Certified. While no formal experience is necessary to participate in most examinations, we strongly recommend you seek appropriate BPI training (which we offer) and have some experience in the building performance industry.

BPI Building Analyst Certification


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Everblue BPI Highlights

  •  Includes field + written exams
  •  Professional instructors
  •  In-house training available
  •  Grant funding assistance


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