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RESNET HERS Rater Details


Course Materials

Everblue's RESNET HERS Rater packages include knowledge training, field skills training, and all certification exams.

  • Classroom training
  • Hands-on field training
  • 2 home energy models
  • National Rater Core Exam
  • RESNET Practical Simulation Exam
  • Combustion Safety Written Exam
  • Combustion Safety Simulation Exam

The Training & Certification Package also includes:

  • 1 QA-supervised home energy model
  • One-year membership to RATERusa QA service
  • One-year REM/Rate license
  • One-year access to ENERGY STAR v3 webinar & testing
  • One-year access to 2012 IECC webinar training
Course Formats & Fees

Everblue offers two HERS Rater training packages:

  • The Training & Certification Package includes training, exams, and the required quality assurance component
  • The Training Only product includes training and exams only - meant for those who already have a QA provider

HERS Rater Training & Certification ($2699)

  • 6 days of in-person training
  • Course fee includes all certification exams & ratings
  • Training will take place at a classroom venue & a real house
  • Includes QA Membership with RATERusa partner
  • Gain hands-on exposure to blower door & diagnostic equipment
  • Learn how to perform a home energy audit

HERS Rater Training Only ($2199)

  • 5 days of in-person training
  • Course fee includes all certification exams and 2 of the 5 ratings
  • Training will take place at a classroom venue & a real house
  • Does NOT include required QA Membership
  • Gain hands-on exposure to blower door & diagnostic equipment
  • Learn how to perform a home energy audit
Learning Objectives

This course is aligned with the BPI Building Analyst technical standards for home energy auditing and covers the following topics:


  • RESNET Overview
  • Difference Between Providers and Raters
  • Test Format & Exam Interface
  • HERS Index Overview
  • Math Review

Building Science

  • Principles of Energy
  • Basics of Heat
  • Insulation
  • Airflow
  • Moisture
  • Ventilation
  • Blower Door & Pressure Diagnostics
  • Duct Testing
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Combustion Safety
  • Building Drawings

Rater Standards

  • Energy-Efficient Mortgages
  • Energy Modeling
How to Become a Certified HERS Rater

To get certified, a candidate must:

  • Complete Rater Training and 2 Supervised Training Ratings
  • Pass National Rater Core Exam
  • Pass RESNET Practical Simulation Exam
  • Pass Combustion Safety Written Exam
  • Pass Combustion Safety Simulation Exam
  • Sign Contract with a RESNET Quality Assurance Provider
  • Complete 3 Probationary Ratings

In addition to training and exams, RESNET requires HERS Rater candidates to sign up with an approved RESNET Quality Assurance Provider to act as a liaison with RESNET. RESNET requires ongoing quality assurance to ensure that all HERS Raters in the country are providing a standardized assessment of home energy efficiency.

Everblue has partnered with RATERusa to offer the Quality Assurance component.


Student Reviews

"Information was presented clear and concise with the instructor taking time to answer any questions and review subject matter that wasn’t being picked up. Thanks." - AJ Lucero

"I like all the tools and resources that everblue uses to teach." - Sergio Lopez

"Great course!" - Mike Capobianco

"Jerry did a great job. Jerry kept the class on task and did not waste time. The topics were both in depth science but with a lot of practical building in addition." - Brian Cowan

"This course has given me the knowledge that I needed in order to pass the RESNET exam, also the RESCAZ exam. Bruce was very informative, and I would be delighted to take another one of his courses." - Jeremy Reister

"We had a superb instructor for our class and demonstration sessions. (Very experienced, very dedicated to helping us accomplish our preliminary goals, and very professional and experienced as a RESNET rater/auditor, himself.)" - Phyl Wilton

"Very good instructor. A lot of information for 1 week, but good" - Gary Alfred

"I really enjoyed our instructor’s ability to be both friendly and firm. Most instructors like to show off their knowledge and the students’ lack of knowledge. I always felt like Bruce was working with us instead of simply reading slides or pages from a manual." - Bill Bageris

"Bruce Oxendale does a great job presenting the material. He keeps a real good pace on each class day. There is no way you can fall asleep in one of his classes." - Matt Mcloughlin



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