BPI Weatherization Certification Course

Learn the Proper Way to Caulk and Insulate a Home

BPI Weatherization TrainingEverblue's weatherization certification course provides the skills and techniques necessary to properly air seal and insulate a home. Weatherization is an important step in protecting a residential or commercial building and its interior from the elements. Factors such as wind, sunlight, and precipitation can cause a building to become less energy efficient. Proper weatherization can save building owners money quickly. Everblue's BPI Insulation and Air Sealing Technician training is very hands on and will prepare you for an esteemed certification from the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Learn these valuable skills!

Course Description: Students will learn the proper installation of residential air-sealing measures including dense-pack insulation, spray-foam, caulk, mastic, foam board, bubble blanket, fire-rated sealants and barriers, as well as techniques for sealing and insulating ducts, canned lights, attic hatches, crawl spaces, plumbing penetrations, top-plates, and a variety of gaps, cracks, and openings found in a home.


  • Certification: Attending this training enables individuals to attain one of the following BPI weatherization certifications: Residential Building Envelope Accessible Areas Air Leakage Control Installer OR Residential Building Envelope Whole House Air Leakage Control Crew Chief.
  • Financial Incentives: BPI Certified weatherization technicians are the key to all of the federal, state, and local level energy retrofit programs. Having this background allows participants to become more approachable and qualified for government incentives and various "green" initiatives.
  • Better Customer Service: Weatherizing residential and commercial buildings is one of the best ways for home and building owners to save large amounts of money on energy costs quickly.

Prerequisites: None

Audience: This course is ideal for energy auditors, general contractors, home inspectors, HERS Raters, roofers, HVAC technicians, insulation professionals, electricians, home builders, engineers, architects, students, and anyone interested in learning the proper way to air seal and insulate a home.

Course Materials: Classroom Training, Hands-on Air Sealing Training, Everblue's BPI Insulation & Air Sealing Technician Handbook, BPI Technical Standards, the hands-on test for the BPI Residential Building Envelope Accessible Areas Air Leakage Control Installer Certification, and Everblue Certificate of Completion.

Course Topics:

Causes of Air Movement Stack Effect & Convection
Safety Equipment Combustion Safety
Dense Packing Insulation Exam Review & Questions

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