Everblue Photo Gallery

Are you curious to see what an Everblue training course looks like? Over the years, our fun-loving instructors have submitted class photos to us, and we're going to give YOU a sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors!

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BPI Building Analyst & Envelope

BPI Insulation & Airsealing Technician

LEED Green Associate & LEED AP Training

Solar PV Installation & Design

Everblue at Conferences & Trade Shows


BPI Building Analyst & Envelope

Everblue instructor demonstrates how to gas test around the home    Everblue students prepare to take their BPI exams    Everblue students conduct an exterior inspection of the home   


BPI Insulation & Airsealing

Everblue student fills a wall cavity    Up close image of a hand filling a fake wall cavity    Everblue student uses tool to fill fake wall cavity   


Everblue student happily gives a thumbs up after filling fake wall cavity    Three students pose as Charlie's Angels with caulk guns    Two students recycle their class materials   


BPI class listens and watches as instructor talks about air sealing    Everblue instructor demonstrates air sealing on a box    Everblue instructor demonstrates how to cut foam   


LEED Green Associate & LEED AP Training

Everblue students in London classroom    Everblue instructor with LEED student in London    Everblue students in a LEED class in London   


Everblue students in Paris classroom    School children playing outside in Paris    Everblue students in a LEED class in Paris   


Solar PV Installation & Design

Everblue student assembles a solar array    Everblue student works on the electrical wiring of the unit     Everblue students work on solar array    


Everblue student takes a break from solar class to pose for a photo     This is a solar pathfinder that students use in their solar training course     Everblue students display their completed solar array


Conferences and Trade Shows

Everblue employees overlook the tremendous displays at Greenbuild 2011    Some Everblue employees relax at the Greenbuild booth    Some Everblue employees pose at Greenbuild 2010 in Chicago