Free Home Energy Audit

As part of our Energy Auditor training program, Everblue provides FREE home energy audits for qualified homeowners. The free home energy audits in each city are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

As part of the free energy audit, Everblue's students will be learning and practicing energy auditing methods including blower door, combustion testing, interior and exterior inspection in all spaces (attic, living, basement, crawl). These activities help us find and solve the hidden problems in your home that impact your health, comfort, and budget. If you are interested in volunteering your house for a thorough inspection, please contact us below!

Frequent Questions

What type of commitment do you need from me? Typically, this involves a 2-3 day commitment from the homeowner. We will provide you with a daily stipend for your hospitality.

What type of house do you need? Houses will need to have at least one naturally drafted gas furnace or water heater and/or duct work. Vacant houses will also work, as long as the utilities are on and the combustion appliances are functioning. There cannot be any health hazards present (asbestos, mold, lead paint, flammables), and it is best if there are no pets.

Can we be in the house during the inspection? Yes, none of the testing is harmful to you or your family in any way. We encourage you to be there to learn about your home and systems. However, if you are busy we will only need around 15 minutes of your direct attention.

What are the most common problems found? It’s usually not your air conditioner, furnace, or windows! Most of the time, the problems relate to air leakage, insulation deficiencies, and duct problems, which have low-cost, high-gain solutions. Our state-of-the-art testing will isolate the problem areas and provide realistic, cost-effective solutions.

Homeowner Review

"Great experience with Everblue! Excellent communication and expectation setting by Jamie. Scott was the perfect tenant - courteous, friendly, professional and very respectful of our property. Left the place immaculate - couldn't tell anyone had even been in the house! Bonus points for resetting our thermostat and for the advice on water heater safety :) Hosting was a true pleasure, would welcome them again in a heartbeat!"

- Marissa Perez - Austin, TX


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Example of a Natural Draft Gas Water Heater & Overhead Duct Work


 Naturally drafted gas water heater


 Image of overhead duct work