BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional

Save Up to $1,395 With Everblue's BPI BA/ENV Combo Training!

Building Analyst and EnvelopeEverblue is an approved BPI training organization and the largest BPI Test Center in the country. We created the first BPI combo class with both BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional training and testing during the same week. Students typically pursue Building Analyst and Envelope because the concepts are closely related.
Under normal circumstances, you prepare for one BPI Certification at a time. With the combo class, you'll save time and money. Our goal is to provide you with a quality education, while giving you the most bang for your buck.
Round out your understanding of home energy auditing by pursuing the two most relevant BPI credentials in the industry! 

Course Description: This intense boot camp combines BPI Building Analyst and Envelope Professional training into one course and prepares students for both examinations. This combination course will qualify you to become a certified home energy auditor with the ability to diagnose energy efficiency issues in the home, as well as understand problems relating to the home's envelope, such as moisture, ice dams, mildew, and drafts.

Prerequisites: None

Format: This combo course is available in live classroom settings or as a blended webinar. Students must complete live field training and testing to earn their certification.

Audience: This course is ideal for home inspectors, HVAC technicians, general contractors, home builders, electricians, students, and anyone interesting in understanding the house as a system or looking for a career in energy auditing.

Course Materials: Online Resources for Pre-Course Study, Live Field Training, Recorded Online Video for Independent Study, Practice Questions, Everblue's BPI Building Analyst & BPI Envelope Professional Handbook, BPI Technical Standards, Written & Field Exams, and Everblue Certificate of Completion

Price: $2699 for the 5-day live classroom course or $2399 for the blended webinar (prices include all exam fees). For information involving corporate training, group rates, blended learning, or returning student discounts, please call 800-460-2575.

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Everblue is a BPI Training Organization and Test Center


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BPI Combo Course

  •  Save Money by Bundling
  •  Save Time - 1 Intense Week
  •  Earn 2 BPI Certifications
  •  Includes field + written exams
  •  In-house Training Available