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Share Everblue's Training With Your Organization & We'll Share the Revenue With You!

Everblue's exam prep and continuing education services have been recognized and applauded by international audiences, from universities and community colleges to government agencies and corporations. We welcome and encourage these types of organizations to join us as training partners in order to increase the value of our classes to students.

By partnering with us, organizations like yours bring relevant, effective training programs to your employees, members, and contacts. We provide all the enrollment services, curriculum, instructors, study materials, and any necessary equipment for hands-on training. There are no up-front costs for partners; we simply ask that you help co-market the course, provide a venue, and guarantee a minimum enrollment. All partners are eligible for a revenue sharing agreement.

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We'll work with you to develop a partnership that satisfies your needs - no cookie cutter solutions here! Whether you fit into one of the categories below or have a more unique business model, we can work together to create a custom strategy.

Universities and Colleges   Membership Organizations   Resellers and Affiliates   Product Manufacturers

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Ways Your Organization Can Participate as a Partner or Reseller

Co-Branded Landing Pages on Your Organization's Website Social Media and Online Forum Postings
Co-Branded Flyers and Brochures Newsletter to Alumni/Members
Email Marketing to Your Contacts Press Release
Inclusion in Your College's Course Catalog Hosting a Job Fair or Expo
Information Sessions (Live or Online) Campus Sustainability Department
Connecting Us to Other Chapters/Branches/Campuses Blogging about Everblue
Advertising on the Search Engines Student Testimonials & Case Studies

If your company has a product or service that could benefit our alumni, please let us know by filling out our contact form.