Sustainability training provided by Everblue

2012 has been a year of incredible growth, from new programs to new hires and also educational partnerships. The future of sustainability is clear: what was once thought to be a fad is certainly not. Sustainability is here to stay. Everblue's sustainability training courses promote an enhanced understanding of environmental issues while also promoting professional growth and development. It's been a big year for us, and we're just getting started!

Please explore the links below to learn more about Everblue's endeavors in 2012.


Everblue and Green Education Services Announce a Partnership for Training
10/02/12 -- Two of the largest green jobs training providers announce a partnership designed to bring more classes to professionals nationwide.


Everblue Announces New Vice President of Operations and Administration
09/19/12 -- The Vice President of Operations and Administration will be the official leader and coordinator of Everblue's daily functions.


Everblue Takes Energy Efficiency Training Outside the Continental U.S.
09/17/12 -- Everblue will teach the first BPI Building Analyst class outside the continental United States at the University of Guam.


Free Green Jobs Training for North Carolinians
08/28/12 -- Everblue announces 100% scholarship funding for North Carolina residents.


Everblue Cools Down With Wind Training
08/08/12 -- Everblue will offer a Basics of Wind on-demand webinar for a limited time at a low summer price.


Everblue Announces New and Upcoming Courses for Fall 2012
08/01/12 -- Everblue is offering many new courses, ranging from sustainable food growth to residential thermography, to address the exponential growth in the sustainability training industry.


Everblue Brings Training Directly to Corporations
07/27/12 -- Everblue focuses on convenience by providing "at the office" training for many corporate clients.


Everblue Hires Two New LEED Exam Prep Instructors
07/18/12 -- Everblue has hired more instructors to address the growing demand for LEED training.


Everblue Partners with the Energy Institute
07/05/12 -- Everblue and Energy Institute partner to provide sustainability training for New York and New Jersey residents.


Everblue Will Provide Intercaz Free to Students During BPI Training
06/28/12 -- Everblue will provide Intercaz, which gives students more practice for the field test during the BPI certification course.


Everblue Hires New Project Coordinator
06/22/12 -- Everblue hired a new project coordinator to address the growing demand for sustainability training.


NATE Certification Training Has Arrived
01/30/12 -- Due to popular demand, Everblue Training Institute has added HVAC certification training to its expansive course offerings.


Everblue Training Institute Announces New Solar Heating Associate Curriculum
01/19/12 -- This interactive solar training course teaches students about the hands-on applications of solar thermal hot water systems.


Solar Sales Professional Becomes the Newest and Most Popular Green Job Training Course from Everblue
01/11/12 -- Everblue has met the demands of its customers by providing them with a solar course enabling them to enter the renewable energy workforce in a sales and design role.


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