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Which LEED AP Specialty to pursue?

Please Note: You must be a Legacy LEED AP or LEED Green Associate before pursuing a specialty.


This LEED AP Exam is for Professionals Participating in the
LEED Homes design and construction of high-performance green homes that use less energy, water, and natural resources; create less waste; and are more healthful and comfortable for the occupants.
LEED Green Buildings Operations & Maintenance operation and maintenance of existing buildings that implement sustainable practices and reduce the environmental impact of a building over its functional life cycle.
LEED Building Design & Construction design and construction phases of high-performance, healthful, durable, affordable, and environmentally sound commercial, institutional, and high-rise residential buildings.
LEED Interior Design & Construction design and construction of high-performance commercial spaces and tenant improvements that provide healthful, productive places to work, are less costly to operate and maintain, and are environmentally responsible.
LEED Neighborhood Development design and development of neighborhoods that meet accepted high levels of environmentally responsible, sustainable development.
LEED AP with Specialty Eligibility Requirements: 

1) Agree to disciplinary policy and credential maintenance guidelines
2) Demonstrate professional experience on at least one LEED project. Document work on a LEED project, within the last two to three years, with verification through LEED Online or employer attestation.
3) Submit to application audit.


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