5 Tips for Utilizing Fallen Leaves

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It’s that time of the year again. Fall is upon us, and the leaves are changing into an array of beautiful colors. Trees that once seemed ordinary in appearance capture your attention with brilliant shades of red and yellow. They are pretty now, but it won’t be long before these vivid colors start to fade and fall to the ground. Wondering what you should do with the leaves in your yard? Here are some tips!

1.  Know Your Local Laws Relating to Yard Waste Disposal

Rules about leaf disposal vary depending on where you live. Many municipalities have separate collections for leaf litter and other landscape wastes. For example, in the state of Minnesota it is illegal to mix yard waste with garbage, and their solid waste division requires that all yard waste be bagged in compostable plastic bags. Check with your trash collector or local municipality to determine the natural waste management programs available in your area. Additionally, avoid burning. Burning leaves is illegal in several states and can also be unhealthy, as it contributes to air pollution.

2.  Keep Sidewalks and Other Paved Walking Areas Clear

Fallen leaves can be difficult to manage. At times, they can cover everything in sight. Even if you aren’t ready to manage your whole yard, it is important that you try to keep your sidewalks clear. Leaves become very slippery when wet and can increase risk of falling.

3.  Use for Mulching

Instead of raking and packaging your leaves for the trash, reuse your leaves to improve your own lawn and garden areas. If you have a light covering of leaves, you can mow over them and leave them in place. Leaves contain 50-80% of the nutrients a plant extracts from the soil, making them a great resource for returning sustenance to the soil.

4.  Add to Compost

Using leaves for their nutrients can be taken one step farther by adding them to a compost pile. Large piles of leaves can take a while to decompose so it is important to remember to shred them first.

5.  Get Crafty

Relive your childhood art room days or create new memories with your own children by utilizing leaves to put together Fall-inspired craft projects. You can make wreathes, wall hangings, garland, framed leaf photos, and more. Use them as stamps to decorate a variety of other things including table cloths, pillows, and tote bags.

And before you do any of these ideas, don’t forget the most obvious option of piling them up and JUMPING IN!

From all of us at Everblue,

Have a happy fall season!

By Danielle Whitman



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