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Last Updated:
Fri, 2018-04-20 13:00

LEED Online:

LEED Online is an easy-to-use, online interface that LEED project teams can use to submit 100% of their documentation.

How It Works

At the time of registration, the project team identifies a Project Administrator, who attaches team members to “Roles” that are in turn assigned to LEED credits in LEED Online.

The responsible team members upload the LEED Credit Templates and any other necessary documentation for meeting LEED requirements using LEED Online. The Project Administrator can track the status of all attempted credits in “Credit Scorecard & Status” and submit the project for review at the appropriate time. The Project Administrator also has access to all of the attempted credit pages and templates.

USGBC Reviewers will review and adjudicate the LEED Certification application submittal and then “submit” the review back to the Project Administrator within LEED Online. The application has several options for project teams to receive support or clarification from USGBC, including CIRs, the online Reference Guide, and a link to email support.