Everblue Staff Earn Advanced ISSP Certification

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Fri, 2018-04-20 10:34

Update (10/4/16): ISSP Exam Prep is now available! Click here to get started.

When we last wrote about the pending ISSP Sustainability Certification program, we shared the names of the 134 folks who passed their ISSP Sustainability Associate beta exam to join the inaugural class of certified sustainability professionals.

There are two levels of ISSP Certification:

  • ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) - the entry-level designation and a pre-requisite before pursuing the next step
  • ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) - the advanced credential that can only be achieved after passing the ISSP-SA exam

Just as the ISSP-SA exam had a beta exam, the ISSP-CSP likewise offered a beta exam to ISSP members who took the ISSP-SA exam. The International Society of Sustainability Professionals, or ISSP, recently announced the names of its first cohort of the ISSP-CSP credential holders. We're proud to say that the same four Everblue staff members who passed their ISSP-SA exams also passed their ISSP-CSP exams! Without further adieu, here is the full list.

  Credential Holder   Company   Country
  Steve Alfaro   Everblue Training Institute   USA
  Chirag Amin     USA
  Dorothy Atwood    Dorothy Fisher Atwood Consulting   USA
  Stacey Baumgarn    Colorado State University    USA 
  Matt Beck    Husky Energy    Canada 
  Christophe Bongars   SustainAsia    Hong Kong 
  Nicole Bradford    GE Capital    Australia 
  Lucinda Brown    STET Sustainability    USA 
  Manuel Ceja    Proctor & Gamble    USA 
  John Cook    University of California Riverside    USA 
  Julian Crawford    Ernst & Young    Australia 
  Joan Darvish-Rouhani   Everblue Training Institute    USA 
  Julian Dautremont-Smith    Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education    USA 
  Suzanne Davis-Hall    Klohn Crippen Berger    Canada 
  Maria Dian Nurani      Indonesia 
  Vince DiFrancesco    Everblue Training Institute    USA 
  Neil Drobny    Ohio State University    USA 
  Elaine Durr    Elon University    USA 
  Alejandro Florenzano    Fundacion Chile    Chile 
  Amy Haddon    Renewable Choice Energy    USA 
  Simon Harvey    Business Lab    New Zealand 
  Jennifer Hobson    Business Lab    New Zealand 
  Scott Hoover    Everblue Training Institute    USA 
  Ian Johnson    Colorado College    USA 
  Marilyn Johnson    IHS    USA 
  Christopher Juniper    SustainaLogic    USA 
  Beth Knight    Ernst & Young    United Kingdom 
  Mindy Kuth    Kuth Consulting    USA 
  Edwin Lim    Ecolibrium Strategies Inc    Canada 
  Hunter Lovins    Natural Capitalism Solutions    USA 
  Tanis Marquette    Hexion    USA 
  Adam Marr    Step Beyond Business Advisors    Australia 
  Melody Martin    OGE Energy Corporation    USA 
  Brian McFarland    Carbonfund.org Foundation Inc    USA 
  Sara McKinstry    University of California San Diego    USA 
  Tad Radzinski    Sustainable Solutions Corporation    USA 
  Renaud Richard    Systeme-change.fr    France 
  Craig Riley    AECOM    USA 
  Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez    Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services    Canada 
  Fabian Sack    Sustainably PLC    Australia 
  Ibrahim Salau    Environmental Accord Ltd    Nigeria 
  Daita Serghi    Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education    USA 
  Kelly Simmons    University of Colorado Boulder    USA 
  Mark Starik    American University    USA 
  Nathan Stinnette    RS&H Inc    USA 
  Lesley-Joan Stone    The University of Auckland    New Zealand 
  Shannon Tocchini    Port of Portland    USA 
  Joseph Tong    Hong Kong Productivity Council    Hong Kong 
  Kevin Wilhelm    Sustainable Business Consulting    USA 
  Bob Willard    Sustainability Advantage    Canada 
  Jeff Yorzyk    Cardno Inc    USA 

All of the individuals listed above successfully completed both the ISSP-SA and ISSP-CSP exams, achieving the highest level of sustainability certification that ISSP offers. I assume that the ISSP-CSP designation will replace the ISSP-SA credential previously earned, much like how LEED AP replaces LEED Green Associate once it is achieved.

I'll be interested to see if ISSP-CSP credential holders update their email signatures with only the ISSP-CSP acronym. By the way, the official acronym is, in fact, formatted as follows: ISSP-CSP. The standalone CSP acronym already exists for the Certified Safety Professional, so to avoid any confusion, credential holders are required to identify their designation as ISSP-CSP (hyphen and all).

Looking Forward

Second Round of ISSP-SA Beta Exams

In order to test changes made after the first beta testing session, ISSP has opened up another round of beta testing for the ISSP-SA exam. The second beta is open to ISSP members only and costs $100. Anyone who passes the ISSP-SA beta exam will officially earn the title of an ISSP Sustainability Associate.

Registration for the second beta opened on January 18th. Registration will close on March 25th, or when the 100-candidate limit has been reached. The test window itself will be open from January 18 to March 31, which means that candidates will have the flexibility to take the exams almost immediately after they register. The exam is offered anytime, so candidates have equal flexibility in scheduling the exam at their leisure.

The cut score, or passing score, will be based on the cut score determined by the first beta exam. With this score already in place, candidates of the second beta will know their results within five business days.

ISSP Certification Program Launch

ISSP LogoThe ISSP Sustainability Certification program will officially launch some time in the second quarter of 2016. Currently, the beta exams are limited to ISSP members. This will not be the case when the certification program officially launches.

ISSP Educational Partners Program

ISSP is in the process of working on an ISSP Education Partners program. The education committee is currently working on the partnership agreement for interested organizations and the criteria for eligibility. The ISSP Education Partners program is set to launch in March 2016.

ISSP Study Guide

In conjunction with the ISSP Education Partners program, ISSP has also started a Study Guide Task Force. This group has been charged with consolidating relevant information for the conduct of work of sustainability professionals worldwide, building upon ISSP works such as:

  • ISSP Core Competency Study
  • ISSP Body of Knowledge
  • ISSP Job Task Analysis
  • ISSP Glossary of Terms
  • ISSP Sustainability Professional Code of Ethical Practice and Values

The ISSP Study Guide is scheduled to be published in April 2016.

ISSP-CSP Specialty Tracks?

And, finally, it was unofficially announced that ISSP may have aspirations to spin off the ISSP-CSP credential into a variety of specialties, much like the LEED AP program. They are considering specialty paths in Municipality and Higher Education. Since we are in the early stages of the ISSP Sustainability Certification program, I wouldn't expect these specialties to be rolled out until at least 2017 or 2018.