First Cohort of ISSP Sustainability Associates Announced

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Mon, 2018-12-03 13:53

Update (10/4/16): ISSP Exam Prep is now available! Click here to get started.

If you've been following our coverage of the new ISSP Sustainability Certification program, you know that the deadline for ISSP members to take the beta versions of the exams recently passed. Although this was a beta exam, the International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) was clear that any candidate who passed the exam would effectively be among the first in the world to officially earn the designation.

As such, ISSP just announced the first cohort of credential holders for the ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification. We are so very proud to say that four of our own are included in this list! And, on a personal note, I'm happy to see that the sustainability director at my alma mater also earned the credential - go Elon!

Without further adieu, I'm pleased to share the details of the first round of ISSP Sustainability Associates...

  Credential Holder   Company   Country
  Ekpa Akpan   The Sierra Club   USA
  Ethelbert Akwuruaha   Notore Chemical Industries   Nigeria
  Steve Alfaro   Everblue Training Institute   USA
  Chirag Amin     USA
  Rob Andrejewski    University of Richmond   USA
  Dorothy Atwood    Dorothy Fisher Atwood Consulting   USA
  Jill Bamburg    Pinchot University    USA 
  Gabrielle Bartlett    CCF Brands    USA 
  Stacey Baumgarn    Colorado State University    USA 
  Sarah Beaubien    Tillamook County Creamery Association   USA 
  Matt Beck    Husky Energy    Canada 
  Sarah Beyea    Tavares Group Consulting    Canada 
  Andrea Boltz Garcia      USA 
  Christophe Bongars   SustainAsia    Hong Kong 
  Stephen Boss    University of Arkansas    USA 
  Garry Bowen      USA 
  Nicole Bradford    GE Capital    Australia 
  Michael Brochstein      USA 
  Lucinda Brown    STET Sustainability    USA 
  Drew Bryck    City of Avondale, AZ    USA 
  Len Bussanich    Campmor Inc.    USA 
  Kathlene Butler    US Environmental Protection Agency    USA 
  Susan Cahalan    Harvard University and CDW Consultants    USA 
  Grace Carlson      USA 
  Manuel Ceja    Proctor & Gamble    USA 
  Andy Chambers    Seed Consulting Services Pty Ltd   Australia 
  Janet Charnley   The Evergreen School    USA 
  Elizabeth Churchill   American Family Insurance    USA 
  Kathy Collier    City of Fort Collins, CO    USA 
  Christopher Conner    Green C Services    USA 
  John Cook    University of California Riverside    USA 
  Julian Crawford    Ernst & Young    Australia 
  Dominique Croteau    Concordia University    Canada 
  John Culver    Environmental Services Inc    USA 
  Joan Darvish-Rouhani   Everblue Training Institute    USA 
  Julian Dautremont-Smith    Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education    USA 
  Suzanne Davis-Hall    Klohn Crippen Berger    Canada 
  Suman Devadula    Indian Institute of Science    India 
  Kiran Dhanapala      Sri Lanka 
  Maria Dian Nurani      Indonesia 
  Vince DiFrancesco    Everblue Training Institute    USA 
  Neil Drobny    Ohio State University    USA 
  Elaine Durr    Elon University    USA 
  Tracy Eagle    Smarter Waste Solutions    USA 
  Jessie Fan    Rice University    USA 
  Ashley Fears    City of Springfield, MO    USA 
  Paola Fiore      Italy 
  Alejandro Florenzano    Fundacion Chile    Chile 
  Erik Foley    Pennsylvania State University    USA 
  Teresa Foster    National Center for Atmospheric Research 


  Steven Franks    Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises    USA 
  Eduardo Guerra   TUV Rheinland de Mexico    Mexico 
  Amy Haddon    Renewable Choice Energy    USA 
  Ali Harbi    AHC Consulting    Algeria 
  Simon Harvey    Business Lab    New Zealand 
  Hideyuki Hiruma      USA 
  Jennifer Hobson    Business Lab    New Zealand 
  Scott Hoover    Everblue Training Institute    USA 
  Catherine Hurley    City of Evanston, IL    USA 
  Justin Imiola    Wendel    USA 
  Ian Johnson    Colorado College    USA 
  Marilyn Johnson    IHS    USA 
  Christopher Juniper    SustainaLogic    USA 
  Kerul Kassel      USA 
  Justina Keelean    The Sustany Foundation    USA 
  Christine Kennedy    Greyfriar Marketing    USA 
  Tamay Kiper    Sustainable Brands    USA 
  Claire Kirk    Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment    United Kingdom 
  Bruce Klafter    Flextronics    USA 
  Beth Knight    Ernst & Young    United Kingdom 
  Kimberly Kruse    USAID and Arizona State University    USA 
  Mindy Kuth    Kuth Consulting    USA 
  Stephan Levistky    American Sugar Refining Inc    USA 
  Sarah Lewis    The Sustainability Consortium    USA 
  Edwin Lim    Ecolibrium Strategies Inc    Canada 
  Hunter Lovins    Natural Capitalism Solutions    USA 
  Barbara Lucks    City of Springfield, MO    USA 
  Dale Luckwitz    Naturepedic    USA 
  William Mains    Santa Clara University    USA 
  Ken Manchen    Premier Farmell Corporation    USA 
  Tanis Marquette    Hexion    USA 
  Adam Marr    Step Beyond Business Advisors    Australia 
  Melody Martin    OGE Energy Corporation    USA 
  Jose Alejandro Martinez Sepulveda    Universidad EAN    Colombia 
  Michael McCarthy    RS&H Inc    USA 
  Kati McCartney    Laurentian University    Canada 
  Brian McFarland Foundation Inc    USA 
  Sara McKinstry    University of California San Diego    USA 
  Lesley McLaughlin    Conservation International    USA 
  Teshome Molalenge    Bridgewater College    USA 
  Kruti Munot      India 
  David Nelson    ATI Inc    USA 
  Ann Newhouse    Newhouse Energy & Emergency Management    USA 
  Wenny Noha    PepsiCo    USA 
  Godwin Chidiebere Nwafor    Schlumberger    Nigeria 
  Patti Olenick    Weis Markets    USA 
  Jennifer Pappalardo      USA 
  Brian Pullen    University of South Florida    USA 
  Tad Radzinski    Sustainable Solutions Corporation    USA 
  Michael Reichart      USA 
  Rebecca Rice    NORESCO    USA 
  Renaud Richard    France 
  Craig Riley    AECOM    USA 
  Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez    Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services    Canada 
  Aimee Rogers    United States Marine Corps    USA 
  Edgar Rudberg    Greener Point Consulting LLC    USA 
  Fabian Sack    Sustainably PLC    Australia 
  Ibrahim Salau    Environmental Accord Ltd    Nigeria 
  Alyssa Schear    Saunders Construction    USA 
  Daita Serghi    Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education    USA 
  Kathleen Shaver    Cisco    USA 
  Qais Shelbyeh    Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority    UAE 
  Steven Shultz    California State University San Marcos    USA 
  Crystal Simmons    Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education    USA 
  Kelly Simmons    University of Colorado Boulder    USA 
  Kimberly Smith    Portland Community College    USA 
  Dorothy Sperry    Port of Portland    USA 
  Mark Starik    American University    USA 
  Nathan Stinnette    RS&H Inc    USA 
  Nicole Stockton    JLL    United Kingdom 
  Lesley-Joan Stone    University of Auckland    Australia 
  Jessica Synkoski    Lockheed Martin Corporation    USA 
  Emmanuel Taiwo    Environmental Accord Ltd    Nigeria 
  Robert Taylor    Montclair State University    USA 
  Warren Te Brugge    Manzimvula Ventures Inc    USA 
  Shannon Tocchini    Port of Portland    USA 
  Shannon Tolliver    White Castle System Inc    USA 
  Joseph Tong    Hong Kong Productivity Council    Hong Kong 
  Kevin Wilhelm    Sustainable Business Consulting    USA 
  Bob Willard    Sustainability Advantage    Canada 
  Rick Woodward    Coastwide Laboratories    USA 
  Fraser Work    Department of National Defence    Canada 
  Jeff Yorzyk    Cardno Inc    USA 
  Sanjin Zeco      Canada 

The ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification (ISSP-SA) is the first tier of certification and is designed for individuals who are new to the field of sustainability but have sufficient education and training to pass a test on basic knowledge and understanding of key sustainability concepts. Just as LEED Green Associate comes before LEED AP Specialty, the ISSP Sustainability Association designation is the mandatory first step before ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional.

ISSP LogoISSP has announced that they will offer a second beta testing period for the ISSP Sustainability Associate certification. Like before, this beta is only open to ISSP members and will serve to test some of the changes made after the first beta. Registration will be open for the second beta between January 18 and March 31. Following the second beta, ISSP plans to officially launch its new sustainability certification program for all professionals around the world - regardless of ISSP membership status.

Congratulations to everyone who passed the ISSP Sustainability Associate exam! If you start to see the ISSP-SA acronym following peoples' names on LinkedIn, email signatures, or resumes, now you'll know what it stands for!

If you are NOT an ISSP member and want to earn this designation, Everblue has plans to launch training to help individuals learn the concepts that will be on the exam. Check back with us in Q2 2016 for more information or contact us to be added to our waiting list. Given the broad conceptual reach and geographic applications, we anticipate this certification program to be massive. Get in now to become among the first in the world with the designation!

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