Over 240 Professionals With ISSP Certification

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Thu, 2017-11-09 14:01

Update (10/4/16): ISSP Exam Prep is now available! Click here to get started.

The International Society of Sustainability Professionals (ISSP) has announced the names of the individuals who passed the second round of beta testing for the new ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification.

This list of 109 individuals now brings the total number of credential holders to 244, spanning both the entry level ISSP Sustainability Associate (ISSP-SA) level and the advanced ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional (ISSP-CSP) level.

All candidates are required to pass the ISSP Sustainability Associate exam before proceeding to the ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional exam. Like with the LEED program, candidates may replace their ISSP-SA with the ISSP-CSP designation once they have earned it. That being said, of the 244 credential holders, 53 have went on to pass the ISSP-CSP exam.

ISSP certification numbers graphic

The list of names below identifies the credential holders from the second beta exam for ISSP-SA. There will not be a second beta exam for ISSP-CSP. If these newly appointed ISSP-SA credential holders choose to upgrade to ISSP-CSP, they will have to wait until the official launch of the ISSP certification program. This launch is slated for the 4th quarter of 2016.

Next Steps

Currently, ISSP is working on launching its ISSP Education Partners program as well as an ISSP study guide. Once these items have been resolved, there will be a clearer path toward the official launch of the certification program. Everblue staff have been working with the ISSP team, contributing test questions and guidance. We look forward to joining the ISSP Education Partners program and launching an ISSP Exam Prep in a few months. The goal, of course, will be to make this training available around the same time that the ISSP exams become available.

Without further adieu, let’s honor those who passed the second beta of the ISSP Sustainability Associate exam. I’m very excited to see some former Everblue students among this list as well as an administrator from my alma mater at Elon University!

This will be our last posting of ISSP credential holders, as we expect this list to grow exponentially when the certification program officially launches! Click here to see our post on 1st round ISSP-SA credential holders and also click here for ISSP-CSP credential holders.

  Name   Company   Country
  Kurt Ahrens   Environmental Advisory Council   USA
  Oluwashina Akinsanmi   Environmental Accord   Nigeria
  Eliot Allen   Criterion Planners, Inc   USA
  Allison Ashcroft   City of Victoria, Canada   Canada
  Cristian Barcan   The Vinyl Institute   USA
  Francois Bardinet     France
  Dean Barone   Barone International   Philippines
  Jacqueline Bauer   City of Bloomington   USA 
  Nate Belke   Sustainable Solutions Corporation   USA 
  Annie Bevan   GreenCircle Certified LLC   USA 
  Jessica Bilecki   Elon University   USA
  Nic Bishop   Fonterra   NZ
  Anna Blitz   CSM Bakery Solutions   USA 
  Kristin Bloser   Comerica Bank   USA
  Andrea Maria Boltz     USA
  Dean Boulding      Canada
  Roger Bowman   Gulfstream Aerospace   USA 
  Romilly Cavanaugh   Optyva   Canada
  Shuk Ching Chan   CBRE   HK
  Victor Cheng   Esquel   China
  Carrie Christopher   Carrie Christopher LLC   USA
  Sara Cifani      Germany
  Chad Colman   Ross Environmental Services Inc   USA 
  Hope Connolly   Gap Inc   USA 
  Melanie Crepin   Perrigo Australia   Australia
  Tara Cristobal-Rivera   Optyva SPC   USA 
  Laura Cuccaro   Walt Disney Imagineering R&D   USA
  Phil Cumming   Koru Sustainability Ltd   UK
  Sharon Darby   Cascade Engineering   USA
  Sarah Dehler   Siemens Canada   Canada
  Tanya Dierolf   Capital Region Water   USA 
  Gavin Dillingham   Houston Advanced Research Center   USA
  Shree Dorestant   NYC Dept of Environmental Protection   USA 
  Erica Dudas   Penn State University and Angler Environmental   USA 
  Jon Dyer      USA 
  Scott Edmondson   Sustainability 2030 Institute   USA 
  Ann Erhardt   Michigan State University   USA
  Stephen Evanko   Capital One   USA 
  Veronica Flores   RBB Architects Inc.   USA
  Chi Kwan Fong   California State Polytechnic University   USA
  Jude Frates   Frates Consulting   USA
  James French   US Postal Service   USA 
  Mark Frieden   Crossbow Strategies   USA 
  Elizabeth Futch   Next Shift   USA 
  Bob Fynan   La Trobe University   Australia
  Louwie Gan   City Government of Makati, Philippines   Philippines
  Chryssa Gardner   Optyva SPC   USA 
  Jenna Giandoni   Illinois Institute of Technology   USA
  Delphine Gibassier   Toulouse Business School   France
  Lisa Greenwood   SUNY College of Environmental Science & Forestry   USA
  Allison Gruber   Antea Group   USA 
  Ben Gruitt   Corn Refiners Association   USA 
  Phil Grupe   CLEAResult   USA 
  Jami Haaning   CLEAResult   USA 
  John Hurlbert   LoJack SCI   USA 
  Yasuyo Ide   IBM   USA 
  Andree Iffrig   DIRTT Environmental Solutions   Canada
  Lisa Isaacs      USA
  Elizabeth Keysar   Concurrent Technologies Corp   USA
  Angeline Kong   Columbia University   USA
  Kathryn Lancaster   Humboldt State University   USA
  Jeff Leinaweaver   Global Zen Sustainability   USA
  Mary Londquist   Oneida Total Integrated Enterprises   USA
  Gina MacIlwraith   Pinchot University   USA
  Ali Masoudi   Yale University   USA
  Gina Mathias   City of Takoma Park   USA
  K.J. McCorry   Eco-Offiency LLC   USA
  Jerry McFarlane   Energy Management Systems Inc   USA
  Kathy McGuire   3 Pillar Solutions   USA
  Mike Medvik   ShurTech Brands LLC and Shurtape   USA
  Morgan Mickelson   Mercy Housing   USA
  Chris Millson   Kesho Africa   S. Africa
  Julie Mitchell   Palm Beach County Dept of Env Resources Mgmt   USA
  Ranjit Nair   KUFPEC   Kuwait
  Katherine O'Neill   Roanoke College   USA
  Elvis Oben   Sithe Global Sustainable Oils Cameroon Ltd   Cameroon
  Adeola Odunayo-Akinlaja   Sterling Bank   Nigeria
  Brian Oehler   IHS   USA
  Ayodele Ogundipe   Procter & Gamble Ltd   Nigeria
  Francis Olabampe   Golden Carbon Ltd   Nigeria
  Ife Olabampe   Golden Carbon Ltd   Nigeria
  Gonzalo Perez   Agora Gestion y Consultoria S.L.   Spain
  Kalen Pilkington   MacEwan University   Canada
  Ines Pina   Accenture   Portugal
  Catherine Potter   Johnson Controls   USA
  Janne J. Salovaara   Aalto University Creative Sustainability   Finland
  Jenelle Sams   Kawneer   USA
  Rosalinda Sanquiche   Ethical Markets Media   USA
  Jordan Schanda   Missouri State University   USA
  Melissa Schifman   Sustology   USA
  Kathleen Shaver   Cisco   USA
  Eric Sheffer   Smith Seckman Reid Inc   USA
  Dmitriy Shvets   Palm Beach County Dept of Env Resources Mgmt   USA
  Jay Smith   Algonquin College   Canada
  Azeez Sogbanmu   Telsyenergy Consulting   Nigeria
  Benjamin St. John   USAA   USA
  Nicola Stockton   Jones Lang LaSalle   UK
  Elizabeth Storn   University of Florida Office of Sustainability   USA
  Alice Sung   Greenbank Associates   USA
  Elisabetta Valotti   Independent Consultant   Italy
  Rakesh Vazirani   TUV Rheinland   India
  Rene Vidales   County of San Diego   USA
  Ramsey Wahba   Sustainable Development Systems   Egypt
  Kayla Walker   BEF   USA
  Natalie Walker   GreenCircle Certified LLC   USA
  Yarazeth Watson Colon   Univ of S FL Patel College of Global Sustainability   USA
  Craig Wilson   Sustology   USA
  Elias Wyber      NZ
  Natasha Zellerbach   Zellerbach Associates   USA