Renewing my LEED BD+C Credential

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Fri, 2015-07-17 15:29

Hi Mike,

I just recently renewed my LEED Building Design and Construction Credential and thought I'd share my thoughts about the process for a future blog:

I earned the LEED AP credential before the specialty tracks were instituted in 2009 and then simply upgraded my credential to LEED AP BD+C by following a prescriptive path of LEED Credential Maintenance.  Recently I completed more than 30 hours of credential maintenance and reported this to the GBCI.  It was easy to meet the requirements by enrolling in Everblue Training Institute's CMP program for LEED AP BD+C which provided 30 hours of instruction via webinar.  

When I reported my hours, I entered a combination of the Everblue training modules and some other activities that reflect the New York region and my personal interests in green building.  For example,  I attended a dynamic symposium presented by Vision Long Island about Transit-Oriented Development, TOD.  Among the panel of professionals was the "guru" of TOD, Mr. G.B. Arrington from the Placemaking Group at Parsons Brinkerhoff.  I also attended a lecture at New York School of Interior Design, "Designing a Sustainable Future" by Gerard "Guy" Geier of FxFowle Architects.  Guy has many credentials including LEED AP, FAIA and FIID.  He is someone that I have known for 20 years and he is always inspiring.  

Because of my interest in residential green building, I added five hours of self-study on the REGREEN guidelines, a publication of the USGBC and the American Society of Interior Designers.  I found this publication and the recommendations contained within it to be an excellent source for energy-efficient residential remodels, gut rehabs and major additions.  Personally I worked on a project team to rehab and build an addition to a 100 year old farmhouse in the Adirondack Park and REGREEN was just what we needed.  

As a senior instructor for Everblue I teach LEED classes and Corporate Sustainability. While it would have been easy for me to add CMP hours from my own classroom presentations (up to 50% of my CMP hours possible) I chose not to.  Rather, I wanted my Credential Maintenance Program to reflect the hours that I spent building upon my knowledge, working on projects and attending informative presentations by mentors and colleagues in green building.

Overall, I felt the process was a little complex at first...but with Everblue's Guide for submitting CE hours and the GBCI's video for reporting activity for LEED CMP the process became clear to me and I found it relatively easy to do.  I believe the program reflects the effort required to stay current in green building technologies and topics.  

For me the LEED AP BD+C credential has a high value and renewing the credential was well worth the effort.  Hopefully the LEED credential will continue to be rewarding for me personally - and as an indication of its value, I received exciting news today that I will be featured in next week's edition of Long Island Business News in a series called "Ones to Watch in Green Industries." 

Now, let's just hope I'm not one of the 5-7% that gets audited by the GBCI!


Hooray! I just learned my credential has been renewed until 3-3-2014. 


Joan Mahon, LEED AP BD+C

Senior Instructor and Business Development

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