Warm Up to BPI AC & Heat Pump Training

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Fri, 2015-07-17 15:20

Everblue is excited has announced the release of the BPI Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Professional curriculum. This BPI certification course ensures that HVAC technicians have demonstrated competency to achieve peak energy performance for HVAC systems.

BPI certification is a rigorous, credible and defensible written and field examination process administered to individuals by the Building Performance Institute or its training affiliates, to prove knowledge, skills and professional competency in the building performance industry designations.

An HVAC technician is a professional that labors in the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (commonly called HVAC). HVAC technicians usually specialize in the installation of HVAC systems or in the diagnosis and repair of systems that are already in place.

Everblue’s AC/Heat Pump curriculum covers five major topics, including health and safety, installation, commissioning, service and repair, and diagnostic testing. Successful students will understand the role of HVAC systems within the whole home and learn how to diagnose and correct problems to achieve peak energy performance.

“We are excited to roll out the BPI AC/Heat Pump training at the Ivy Tech-Burns Harbor campus on Wednesday,” said Layla Thomas, Everblue’s BPI Program Manager. “At this time, Everblue has BPI AC/Heat Pump classes scheduled in Phoenix and Boston, but we are happy, ready, and willing to meet the growing demands of the industry and take this training wherever it is needed.”

BPI Building Analyst Certification or experience with HVAC systems and their operations is strongly recommended prior to taking the AC/Heat Pump training. Although classroom training will include a review of some Building Analyst concepts, this advanced BPI training will focus specifically on heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

In addition to the BPI AC/Heat Pump training, Everblue also offers BPI Building Analyst, BPI Envelope Professional, and BPI Weatherization training courses.

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