What Solar PV Installers Do

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So you’re interested in becoming a solar installer. Awesome! But what does it actually mean to install solar? Let’s just say that it takes slightly more effort than hooking part A into part B and calling it a day.

A solar installer’s primary duties include the following tasks:

  • Meeting with the customer/client to determine needs, expectations, and site conditions
  • Connecting photovoltaic panels to the power grid
  • Installing solar modules, panels, or support structures in accordance with building codes and standards
  • Applying weather sealing to equipment being installed
  • Performing routine PV system maintenance
  • Activating and testing PV systems to verify performance

How to Become a Solar PV InstallerThe installation process requires the use of hand and power tools. These may include wrenches, saws, and screwdrivers to connect panels to frames, wires, and support structures.

Once everything is installed, workers check electrical systems for proper wiring, polarity, grounding, or integrity of terminations, and perform maintenance as needed.

If you’d like to explore solar panel installations in greater detail, you should check out Everblue’s solar training programs. Our Entry Level Solar PV Training is on-demand webinar course that covers the basics of solar energy. It is a great introduction to the Advanced Solar Training course, where we actually teach individuals how to physically install a 1 kW solar array. Naturally, this course must be delivered in a live setting so that students can work with the materials.

And finally, if you’re looking to earn a solar certification, you should explore our Solar PV Mastery Combo. The combo course combines the online Entry Level Solar Training, Advanced Solar Training, OSHA 10, and Solar Design & Sales. In order to qualify for the NABCEP PV Installation Professional Exam, you have to participate in 58 hours of training. Our Solar PV Mastery Combo gives you all the hours you need to be eligible!

For more information on where to begin your solar PV career, give us a call at 877-753-0853.

By Lesley Cowie

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