You Know It’s Time to Take the LEED AP Exam When…

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Mon, 2012-10-29 13:39

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You know it’s time to take the LEED AP exam when…

  • you initiate a MANDATORY recycling system at home in accordance with MR Prerequisite 1.
  • you catch yourself asking kids to stop wasting water from a park’s drinking water fountain (making a huge puddle) - Aid water conservation WE credits!
  • you prohibit smoking in common areas of your house—ETSControl for EQ Prerequisite 2!
  • you start picking your office building apart.
  • you climb on the roof of said office building and get excited for the high albedo material covering the roof!
  • you paint your room with low VOC paint.
  • your LEED Guide looks as though it had seen the sort of use that the Hitchhiker’s Towel would see.
  • you relish the sensation of the LEED guide in your hands and have a special relationship with every single page.
  • LEED “speak” becomes part of your conversations with people who don’t know anything about it.
  • you wake up in the a.m. muttering “IAQ Prereq…” and your spouse says, “What did you call me?”
  • you try to figure out what the requirements are to reduce test taker stress by 50%!
  • you name your first child WIMSEE
  • you have wall-papered your home with ASHRAE and can talk about people’s bathroom habits like it’s the weather
  • you use a stop watch to time your shower so you can figure out your flow usage
  • you want to get ID credit 2 tattooed on to your forearm
  • you find you’re extremely interested in parking lots.
  • your wife and child cheer and give high-fives that the test is the next day…
  • you try to make an acronym for every title that you see.
  • when you think ‘leedership’ is actually a word in the dictionary!

Good luck again to all those taking the last LEED v2.2 exam today!! Share your experience/results with us in a comment!