Blower Door & Duct Leakage Test Training

Earn a Blower Door Certification

Many HVAC technicians and insulation contractors are being required to offer blower door and duct leakage testing, either to:

  • meet local building code requirements, or
  • satisfy homeowner demands for reduced energy costs and improved comfort

These industry drivers are leading to explosive demand across the country for HVAC and insulation companies with blower door testing services.

If you need to get trained and certified on blower door tests, call us now at 877-561-3188 or jump to which certification is needed.

What is Blower Door Testing?

A "blower door" is a tool that energy efficiency professionals use to measure the airtightness of homes and buildings. The blower door test identifies how much air is leaking into and outside of a structure and where. This knowledge helps energy auditing professionals identify gaps in the air barrier and make recommendations for air-sealing.

  • In existing homes, occupants can expect lower heating and cooling costs if these air-sealing measures are taken.
  • In new construction, the newer building codes are determining thresholds for how much air infiltration is allowed in homes from the beginning. This effort ensures that the new homeowners will benefit from the reduced energy bills from the beginning.

blower door test

Why is Blower Door Testing Important?

Without the use of a blower door, it is impossible to determine the air exchange rate in a home or building. The air exchange rate has a direct impact on efficiency, comfort, and durability of the structure. In addition, blower door testing is used to:

  • Identify and correct any failures in the building envelope
  • Identify and fix window frames with weak water tightness and rain penetration
  • Identify and measure air leakage in supply and return ducts
  • Comply with IECC state building code requirements

Specifically, the 2015 IECC requires blower door and duct testing to be completed by a third-party, certified professional.

Which Blower Door Certification Do I Need?

Though the code does not identify a particular certification by name, there are two nationally-recognized certifying bodies that include blower door certification. They are:

  • Building Performance Institute (BPI)
  • Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)

Which one should you choose? In many cases, it will depend on which one your local jurisdiction of code officials recognizes or prefers.

BPI Certification    RESNET HERS Rater Certification

Training for each of these certifications lasts one week, with the certification exams offered at the end of the session.

If you need a blower door certification to meet code, call us at 877-561-3188. We'll help you identify which version of the IECC is being used in your area and will help you navigate the certification process for BPI and RESNET.

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