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Air Conditioning UnitThe BPI AC Heat Pump Professional certification process ensures technicians have demonstrated competency at both the skill and knowledge required to apply to achieve peak energy performance for HVAC systems. Successful students will understand the role of these systems within the whole home and learn how to diagnose and correct problems to achieve peak energy performance.

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Everblue makes your success our top priority. This complete program provides everything you need to earn your BPI Certification, and we do it in simple, easy-to-understand language.

BPI AC/Heat Pump Course Overview

Prerequisites: Students must have achieved an EPA 608 Core Certification and an EPA 608 Level Two Certification OR a Universal CFR608 Certification. Students must have a copy of their CFR608 card on file at BPI in order to complete the AC/Heat Pump certification. Please submit to certification@bpi.org. BPI AC/Heat Pump Certifications will not be processed without this proof on file. BPI Building Analyst Certification or experience with HVAC systems and their operations is also strongly recommended.

Description: Everblue's training course includes an overview of health and safety, installation, commissioning, service and repair, and diagnostic tests associated with a variety of air conditioning and heat pump configurations. An in-depth view of A/C and heat pump systems and their operations will give students an inspector's perspective on how systems should be designed, serviced, and maintained. Students will also learn how airflow and ducting, controls, electrical systems, and refrigerant charges affect the performance and safety of cooling and heat pump systems.

Audience: This course is ideal for HVAC technicians, general contractors, electricians, home inspectors, energy auditors, students, and anyone interested in learning more about air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Course Topics:

Health and Safety Design and Installation
Commissioning Servicing Duct Systems
Repairing Duct Systems & Controls Diagnostic Tests

How to Get Certified as a BPI AC/Heat Pump Professional

  • Pass a Written Exam - Students are given 2 hours to complete a computer-based exam with 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must earn a score of 85% or higher to pass.
  • Pass a Field Exam - Students are given 2 hours to demonstrate proficiency with the energy auditing equipment & process. Candidates must earn a score of 70% or higher overall (must score 80% or higher on the combustion safety portion)

What's Included in This Training

Our BPI training packages include everything that you need to get certified - training, written exam, and field exam.

The Everblue Standard

We include these helpful resources with every training package:

  • BPI Practice Exam Questions
  • Field Exam Video Training
  • BPI Study Guide & Field Exam Checklist
  • Curriculum from BPI's #1 Training Provider
  • Support from Our Award-Winning Instructors

Register for Your Course

This course is only available for in-house corporate training and groups.

Please call 800-460-2575 for more information.


"The instructor is well versed in the topic presented. He was able to keep our attention through his buoyant presentation style; the group was attentive and participatory in class. He was also able to give relative examples on the topic in relation to our profession and specialization."

- Davina Foster
  U.S. State Department


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