BPI Recertification Packages

In addition to being your BPI training provider, Everblue is also here to serve your continuing education needs to maintain your credential. BPI Certifications are valid for three (3) years from the date the certification is awarded.

Continuing education enables BPI-certified professionals to keep up with a fast-changing industry and bypass certain aspects of the recertification process. Continuing education also improves a certified professional's knowledge and ability to properly diagnose a home and recommend improvements. The following information is in no way the full BPI Continuing Education Policy. As with any policy, you should read and consult the official document in its entirety.

BPI Recertification Requirements

Step 1: BPI CEUs or Written Exam Requirements




No written exam required.


Must successfully complete a 50-question online exam for each designation


Must successfully complete a 100-question online exam for the first designation and a 50-question online exam for each additional designation.

Qualifying Continuing Education

Courses qualifying for CEUs must align with the BPI Testable Knowledge Lists and the BPI Standards. Education providers are required to submit courses to BPI for pre-approval; BPI dictates the number of BPI CEUs assigned to each course.

Everblue offers a variety of courses that are pre-approved by BPI:


Step 2: Field Exam Requirements

If you are renewing for your 1st or 2nd time, you must take and pass the field exam for each designation you are renewing.

*Can be waived unless you are a Practitioner, Trainer, or have 3,000 hours of documented and relevant experience within the past three years related to the designation being renewed.


BPI Recertification Packages

An alternative to earning BPI CEUs is to simply retake the BPI written exam for each designation being renewed.

Everblue offers customizable BPI Recertification packages that include BPI written and field exams.

Everblue's BPI Recertification packages are specifically geared toward the following BPI credential holders:

  • BPI Infiltration & Duct Leakage Specialists
  • BPI Building Analysts
  • BPI Envelope Professionals

Our customizable packages simplify your recertification process by providing you with exactly what you need to keep an active status with the Building Performance Institute.

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Building Science Training/Review
Field Training Review
Proctored Written Exam(s)
Proctored Field Exam(s)*
Course Fee CALL US

*To keep an active status, candidates must complete the field exam within the final six months of their third year of certification.

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