BPI Training Formats

Everblue's BPI Certification training is uniquely packaged into an intense week-long boot camp. During this week of training, you can prepare for up to three certifications:

What's Included

Our BPI Certification packages are designed to be a one-stop-shop solution, providing you with everything you need to get certified! We include the following:

  • Online building science webinar training
  • Live, hands-on field training at a real home
  • Proctored written certification exams
  • Proctored field certification exams

Everblue's BPI training packages are the fastest way to earn a BPI Certification and to start working in the home energy auditing field.

Course Format

We offer our BPI Certification packages in a Blended format, meaning that there are online participation requirements in addition to in-person activities. The Blended format offers online pre-recorded instruction followed by live hands-on field training and proctored certification exams.

Field exams are proctored on a one-on-one basis. Each candidate is given a 2-hour slot for each of the certification exams attempted. These slots may carry over into additional training days. Exam slots will be scheduled first-come, first-served.

Our goal is to provide you with exactly what you need to succeed in your business. Our combo packages let you pursue up to 3 BPI certifications in one week - saving you time and money!

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