Drivers of Sustainability

While some people believe sustainability is a fad, we have identified the legitimate reasons why sustainability will last for years to come.

How Cities Are Becoming Resilient

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Wed, 2019-03-13 10:09

In our previous post about resilient buildings, we talked about how the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has recognized the importance of resilience during the design, construction, and operations of our building stock. They’ve also expanded this vision to cities, with initiatives that include the LEED for Cities Pilot and RELi.  Read more: How Cities Are Becoming Resilient »

Plan for Building Resilience

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Wed, 2019-03-06 13:04

In our previous post, we introduced the concept of resilience as it applies to infrastructure and disaster relief. To continue this theme, let's look at what organizations are doing to encourage resilient building strategies.

commercial building resilience  Read more: Plan for Building Resilience »

An Introduction to Resilience

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Wed, 2019-02-27 13:08

What do climate change and cybersecurity have in common?

Both are:

threats to our well-being

becoming more prevalent

can be addressed through resilience

resilience and security image

You’re probably familiar with the general definition of resilience, which is the ability to recover quickly.  Read more: An Introduction to Resilience »

Drive Toward Healther Buildings and Positive Contributions

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Thu, 2018-04-05 11:08

McGraw Hill Construction released a fascinating report this week titled, "The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings." The report identifies a general lack of awareness among medical practitioners of the health benefits of green building and sustainability and urges for better understanding of these benefits.

Medical Information Chart  Read more: Drive Toward Healther Buildings and Positive Contributions »

10 Reasons to Get Corporate Sustainability Training

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Wed, 2018-03-28 17:15
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Tue, 2012-09-18 07:01

Sustainable business practices have taken the forefront in the national conversation about sustainability. Although there are numerous companies with sustainable strategies in place, numerous business executives are still apprehensive about the benefits of implementing sustainability in their organization. Businesses that promote sustainable practices are not only more likely to improve efficiency and increase profits, but also assist in the preservation of the environment and the reduction of carbon emissions.  Read more: 10 Reasons to Get Corporate Sustainability Training »