Corporate Sustainability Manager (CSM) Training Course

corporate sustainability manager training transformationBecome a Corporate Sustainability Manager (CSM). As a CSM, you will help define and implement your organization’s green strategy. Remove the ambiguity that surrounds the term sustainability and learn concrete steps that you can take to impact your business' bottom line and the environment. This certificate program demonstrates one’s competency in understanding how to define and implement an organization’s sustainability strategy. CSMs evaluate the costs and benefits of competing sustainability options.

Prerequisites: None

Audience: This course is ideal for chief financial officers, special projects teams, product development teams, global occupational health and safety officers, supply chain managers, purchasing agents, facilities managers, engineers, accountants and anyone involved in setting direction, managing risk, and developing environmental and climate change strategy for an organization.

Course Materials: Everblue's Corporate Sustainability Manager digital handbook, sustainability glossary, practice exam, Corporate Sustainability Manager Exam

Course Topics:

Defining Sustainability Factors Driving Sustainability
Social Aspects of Sustainability Global Reporting Initiative
GHG and Carbon Disclosure Project Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Governance Cradle-to-Cradle
Life-Cycle Assessments Green Building & Purchasing


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