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The following pages will introduce you to home energy auditing as a career choice and will provide guidance on how to achieve this goal with a BPI energy auditor certification.

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bpi certification for home energy auditorDid you know that all the systems in a house are interconnected? Your job as a certified home energy auditor is to identify energy-related issues in the home, provide customers with an economic forecast of return on investment through energy efficiency improvements, and ensure that the interaction of specific building systems does not create any harmful conditions.

A certified energy auditor can charge anywhere between $125-$700 per home inspection. Most auditors, however, choose to offer contracting or remodeling services as well. This gives them an opportunity to use home energy auditing as a foot-in-the-door to their primary business service, establish a strong relationship with a potential client, and upsell the client to additional services.

These types of businesses advertise themselves as Home Performance Contractors rather than Energy Auditors since auditing may be just one of the services they offer, and many Home Performance Contractors prefer to make the improvements suggested by the audit themselves. Once certified, you can be included in the official BPI directory, which allows homeowners and grant programs to find you for work.

Earning a BPI Certification should be your first step toward a career in residential energy auditing. Home inspectors, general contractors, HVAC technicians, and insulation contractors come to Everblue for BPI preparation training, making us the largest training affiliate and testing center in the country.

BPI stands for Building Performance Institute

Home Energy AuditThe Building Performance Institute (BPI) awards certification to home energy professionals who have demonstrated an understanding and technical proficiency in home performance concepts. BPI relies on a network of training affiliate organizations and test centers, such as Everblue, to usher well-trained and knowledgeable practitioners into this industry.

BPI-certified energy auditors evaluate the overall conditions of a home and perform a series of diagnostic tests to identify specific problem-areas for energy efficiency. These areas include air leaks in the home's envelope, duct leakage, and HVAC combustion safety. An energy auditor will analyze the test results and provide recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.

By using building science technology to help customers solve heating, cooling, and air leakage problems that are driving high energy costs, you’ll also provide them with a more comfortable, safe, and durable home.

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