BPI Weatherization Certification Classes & Training

Learn the Proper Way to Caulk and Insulate a Home

This weatherization certification course provides the skills and techniques necessary to properly air seal and insulate a home. Weatherization is an important step in protecting a residential or commercial building and its interior from the elements. Factors such as wind, sunlight, and precipitation can cause a building to become less energy efficient. Proper weatherization can save building owners money quickly.

Everblue's weatherization training is very hands on and will prepare you for an esteemed certification from the Building Performance Institute (BPI). Learn these valuable skills!

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24 Hours of Training
-- Causes of Air Movement
-- Stack Effect & Convection
-- Safety Equipment
-- Combustion Safety
-- Dense-packing Insulation
Proctored Exams: BPI Air Leakage Control Installer Exam
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