What is BPI Video Explanation

This video provides a quick overview of BPI, the BPI certification process, and the BPI exams. This is a great explanation if you're not already a BPI expert. You can also read the more about BPI in the Energy Auditing Overview Series.


BPI Building Analyst Training

This low-cost training program can bring you new business for years to come. By using building science technology to help customers solve heating, cooling and air leakage problems that are driving high energy costs, you’ll also provide them with a more comfortable, safe and durable home. This training will help you to gain building science knowledge and related practical skills that will benefit your business and help the community to become more energy efficient.

Anyone can become BPI Certified. While no formal experience is necessary to participate in most examinations, we strongly recommend you seek appropriate training (which we offer) and have some experience in the building performance industry.

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