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Everblue is the worldwide leader and the only nationally accredited training organization focused exclusively on clean energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, and green building training, education, and curriculum. Everblue's constantly updated and engaging programs give you everything you need to learn new skills, earn a certification, or advance your career.

Our customers and partners include small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, multi-national companies, non-profits, trade associations, workforce development boards, government agencies, and private students.

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LEED Exam Prep Courses

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the fastest growing standard for high-performance green buildings. LEED Certification provides third-party verification that a building, home, or community was designed and built using environmentally responsible strategies. Green building professionals participate in LEED Exam Prep training to prepare for the LEED Accreditation exams. These marketable credentials provide value to individuals seeking career advancement and to businesses that need high-achieving environmental professionals.

LEED Green Associate - 16 hrs, $399-$799

LEED AP Building Design + Construction - 8-14 hrs, $499-$999

LEED AP Operations + Maintenance - 8 hrs, $499

LEED AP Interior Design + Construction - Custom, Corporate Training

LEED AP Neighborhood Development - Custom, Corporate Training

LEED AP Homes - Custom, Corporate Training

LEED Credential Maintenance for Green Associates - 15 hrs, $189

LEED Credential Maintenance for APs - 30 hrs, $299

WELL AP Exam Prep - Custom, Corporate Training

Building Commissioning - Custom, Corporate Training

Solar PV Training

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology utilizes light-sensitive materials to convert solar radiation into direct current electricity. Solar is an appealing energy source because it is naturally available and quickly replenished. Everblue solar training courses teach individuals about direct current electricity and the technique for installing solar panels. Electricians and roofers use this knowledge to expand their skill set and their business services. These solar training courses also prepare individuals for certification exams administered by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

PV101 Solar Fundamentals - 18 hrs, $599

PV201 Solar Installation Training - 40 hrs, $1599

PV202 Solar Design Training - 34 hrs, $999

PV301 Solar Sales Training - 16 hrs, $499

NABCEP Certification Exam Prep - 84 hrs, $1899

NABCEP PV Installer Specialist - Custom, Corporate Training

NABCEP PV Commissioning Specialist - Custom, Corporate Training

NABCEP Heating Associate - Custom, Corporate Training

NABCEP PV System Inspector - Custom, Corporate Training

NABCEP Heating System Inspector - Custom, Corporate Training

DC Microgrid Technology - Custom, Corporate Training

Basics of Wind - 8 hrs, $49.99

OSHA 10 - 10 hrs, $89

OSHA 30 - 30 hrs, $189

Energy Efficiency

Everblue offers a variety of residential and commercial energy efficiency courses. These programs are designed to teach building science principles to home performance contractors and help them to become certified home energy auditors. One of the leading certifications in this field is the RESNET HERS Rater, which represents an individual's ability to assess energy usage in new construction homes. A Rater assigns a score to the home based on the Home Energy Rating System index. The lower the score, the more energy-efficient the home is. This score is used to compare the energy usage of homes.

RESNET HERS Rater Training & Testing - 25 hrs, $1899

RESNET Quality Assurance - N/A, $1,199

ENERGY STAR v3 Training & Testing - 18 hrs, $399

2012 IECC Code Training - 2 hrs, $199

Commercial Building Energy Auditor - 40 hrs, $599

NATE Certification Training - 8 hrs, $399

BPI Certification

The Building Performance Institute is a non-profit 501(c)3 from Malta, NY. BPI certifications are recognized nationwide for providing a common standard for professionals in the building performance industry and is recognized by states, municipalities, utilities, and contractors. BPI Certification encourages the "house-as-a-system" approach to energy auditing, whereby every system in the home is connected and impacts occupant health and safety. BPI offers 14 total certifications and 1 entry-level certificate.

BPI Building Science Principles - 16 hrs, $599

BPI Building Analyst Training & Exams - 16 hrs, $1799-$1999

BPI Envelope Training & Exams - 16 hrs, $1799-$1999

BPI Infiltration & Duct Leakage Training & Exams - 2 hrs, $849-$949

BPI Building Analyst + IDL Combo Training & Exams - 18 hrs, $2249-$2399

BPI Building Analyst, Envelope + IDL Combo Training & Exams - 18 hrs, $2849-$2999

BPI CEUs & Recertification - Varies, Custom

BPI Multifamily Building Analyst - 16 hrs, $999

BPI Healthy Home Evaluator - Custom, Corporate Training

BPI Air Sealing Technician - Custom, Corporate Training

BPI Heating Professional - Custom, Corporate Training

BPI AC/Heat Pump Professional - Custom, Corporate Training

HEP Energy Auditor - 40 hrs, $2499

HEP Quality Control Inspector - 24 hrs, $1999

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) refers to the systematic shift in every industry, every company, and with employe to foster an attitude of maximizing resource efficiency, eliminating waste, and ultimately zeroing out an organization's environmental impact. Sustainability is everyone's responsibility and is synonymous with good business.

Corporate Sustainability Manager - 24 hrs, Corporate Training

ISSP Sustainability Associate Exam Prep - 8 hrs, $349

Professional Development

At Everblue, we believe in the value of always learning and pushing yourself to master the cutting-edge technologies of the digital working world. Everyone suffers with complacency - the employee, the organization, and the economy. The only barrier to improving one's self is their own attitude. These professional development courses transcend industry and enable an individual to remain competitive in the workplace.

Project Management Professional Exam Prep - 35 hrs, $699

Innovation & Intrapreneurship - Custom, Corporate Training

Everblue Business-in-a-Box - Custom, Corporate Training

Personal Leadership Development Training - Custom, Corporate Training

Personal Leadership Program Certificate - Custom, Corporate Training


Stand out from the crowd and show your expertise! These courses prepare you for industry-recognized exams in cybersecurity. If you are a manager, cybersecurity professional, or just want to level up your expertise in a growth field, then our certification courses are a must.

CISSP Exam Prep - 40 hrs, $4599

Strategic & Practical Cybersecurity - Custom, Corporate Training