Everblue Offers Free Home Energy Audits

The sustainability education provider opens its BPI Certification training to the public, requesting local home nominations for free home energy audit.


Everblue Training Institute now provides free home energy audits and prioritization reports to homeowners who volunteer their homes for the company’s BPI Certification training program. The audit finds and solves the hidden problems in a home that impact occupant health, comfort and budget.

Everblue’s students will be conducting field training on a local test home as part of their BPI Certification training course. They will be learning and practicing energy auditing methods, including blower door testing, combustion safety testing and interior and exterior inspection in all spaces (attic, living, basement and crawlspace). These applications measure air tightness within a home and result in significant savings for homeowners who pursue retrofit work.

“Our students will perform a comprehensive analysis of your home's energy efficiency and health issues,” said Vince DiFrancesco, Everblue’s BPI Certification program manager. “We generate a customized report prioritizing the actions you can take to create a healthier, more comfortable, energy efficient home.”

Typically, this involves a 2-3 day commitment from the homeowner. Everblue will pay the homeowner $50 per day to use the home for training. Houses will need to have at least one combustion appliance, such as a gas hot water heater, gas or oil burning furnace or boiler. Everblue encourages a resident or owner to oversee activities, though student training inside and outside of the house prevents full occupation.

Vacant or for-sale houses also work, so long as the utilities are on and the combustion appliances are functioning. There cannot be any health hazards present, such as asbestos, mold, lead paint or flammables, and it is best if there are no pets.

Everblue’s BPI Certification training aims to solve issues driving up energy costs in every American’s home. With this exciting announcement, Everblue encourages its community to take advantage of government incentives like “Cash for Caulkers,” which allows homeowners to receive over $12,000 in rebates for making their home more energy efficient.

For more information, please contact Jamie Zelenak-Hyre at jamiez@everbluetraining.com or visit the Everblue website at www.everbluetraining.com/free-home-energy-audit.

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About Everblue: Everblue, a veteran-owned business, is the nation’s premier training provider for sustainability with course offerings in over 80 locations worldwide. Recognized as an industry leader by both the U.S. Green Building Council and Building Performance Institute, Everblue has helped develop a highly-skilled labor force in the building and construction industry.

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