Everblue Training Programs Support the White House's "Better Buildings Initiative"

Everblue staff recently participated in a roll out call with the White House staff regarding the recent “Better Buildings Initiative."


The White House plans new initiatives to reduce energy use and utility bills in commercial buildings. The Obama administration seeks to create new tax incentives, provide new mechanisms for funding, and institute generous grant programs to encourage weatherization and energy efficiency retrofits in commercial buildings, hospitals, and universities.

Everblue staff recently participated in a roll out call with the White House staff regarding the recent “Better Buildings Initiative.”

“Everblue is prepared to meet the White House’s ‘Race to Green’ and ‘Better Buildings Initiative’ by providing a nationwide, best-in-class, green building continuing education curriculum,” said Jon Boggiano, an Everblue principal partner.

This plan complements current programs regarding residential and government buildings. Previous sustainability efforts from the Obama administration include: an Executive Order requiring zero net energy on all federal buildings by 2030; the implementation of sustainable design principles on new construction; $20 billion in funding for energy efficiency retrofits provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA); the pledge under the ARRA to retrofit 600,000 residential homes; and the HOMESTAR energy efficiency program.

“Everblue provides training programs that help build the green collar workforce required to implement the ‘Better Buildings Initiative’ and other energy efficiency programs,” Boggiano said. “The necessity of a highly trained, clean energy workforce will become irreplaceable in the near future.”

Completing a training program puts professionals ahead of the competition and makes them a valuable asset to their current company or future clients. Everblue training programs address all aspects of the growing green building industry from design, to installation, to maintenance, to administrative-level management. Everblue classes train professionals in:

  • Green building certification (LEED)
  • Energy auditor and weatherization certification (BPI)
  • Solar design and installation training
  • Wind design and installation training
  • Corporate sustainability manager training
  • Carbon accounting manager training

For more information about Everblue’s LEED, BPI, RESNET, Solar, and Sustainability training programs, please call 800-460-2575 or email info@everbluetraining.com.

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Everblue, a veteran-owned business, is the nation’s premier training provider for sustainability with course offerings in over 80 locations worldwide.

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