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Your class experience is largely determined by the instructor you have... and so is your test score. Our Florida, Dubai, and Puerto Rico classes are held by Greg Hamra. Greg is a LEED® Accredited Professional, a BPI Building Analyst, and the Senior LEED Training Specialist at Everblue Training Institute. Over the past 24 years, Greg has trained thousands of professionals in hundreds of businesses worldwide. By applying his skills and expertise to the environmental sustainability efforts of the US Green Building Council, Greg is an ambassador of the LEED standards. He fulfills a lifelong passion for championing environmental stewardship in ways that ultimately benefit our communities, our country, and our planet while improving our productivity, our health, and your bottom-line!  
In less than two years, Greg has trained nearly 1500 students, to rave reviews and record-high test scores. Because Greg has a gift for turning dry, technical material into an exciting, memorable learning experience, he shines in stand-up training as well as during webinars that he conducts for Everblue. Greg's high-impact sessions are practical and straightforward yet exciting, fun. Greg is here to wake you up and shake you up! If you're a student in Greg's class, prepare to be challenged, inspired, and moved... to think deeper than LEED credits or passing a test. This deeper foundation will augment your success on the exam, but will also have longer-lasting benefits.  
Greg's professional training experiences have taken him throughout the US and abroad (e.g., Dubai and India). Prior to joining Everblue, Greg lived in Bangalore where he provided communication skills and cross-cultural sensitivity training in India's IT, financial services, and outsourcing sectors. A native of Florida, Greg is also an adjunct instructor at the University of Miami where he teaches presentation skills and related business communications courses.

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