Benefits of NATE Certification

Nationwide, there is a shortage of HVACR technicians. Worse, there is a more severe shortage of verifiably trained HVACR technicians. When it comes to homeowner health, safety, and comfort, being a certified HVAC technician (or having a certified HVAC technician on staff) can make all the difference.

Individual Benefits

  • NATE Certification is a trusted and marketable standard in the HVACR industry
  • A specialized credential on your resume is appealing to employers, prospective employers, and clients
  • Achieving an industry certification allows you to create a new career path, if you've had no experience, or to hone your existing HVAC skills

Employer Benefits

  • Promote the skills of a NATE certified technician in your marketing materials
  • Encourage growth and proficiency in the HVACR industry
  • Increase profitability by providing quality work to customers and thereby gaining their trust and referrals

Industry Benefits

  • Become a leader in this industry that affects all consumers
  • Certification encourages and promotes a higher understanding of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems
  • Creates a safer and healthier environment for all

In Summary

Certification is not just about contractor professionalism; it is about customer assurance. HVAC technicians who are NATE certified can legitimately claim that they have passed a stringent certification test that is national in scope.

Research from an American Home Comfort study indicates that 88% of homeowners believe having a certified technician repair or install their home comfort system is important. This demonstration of proficiency and excellence leads to increased customer service and business profitability.

In addition, 50% of consumers defer retrofits or new installations because they don't know which contractors have competent technicians. They would prefer to live in less-than-comfortable situations because they don't know which contractors they can trust to do the job properly.

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