Innovation & Intrapreneurship Training

What is an Intrapreneur?

business leaders imageAn intrapreneur is someone working for a company who possesses many of the same soft skills as an entrepreneur.

Everblue's Innovation & Intrapreneurship program is one of the only training courses you'll find that appreciates your innate leadership skills and teaches you how to get recognized by upper management.

Entrepreneurs vs. Intrapreneurs

The greatest difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is their level of focus. While entrepreneurs maintain an over-arching vision for a company, intrapreneurs work within the company to solve a specific problem. Because of this laser focus, an intrapreneur must have job-specific skills for a given task. He/she will take ownership of a department and think like an entrepreneur but will stay in his or her lane.

Why Companies Need Intrapreneurs

Intrapreneurs are the most desireable employees to have because:

  • they take the initiatve
  • they take responsibility
  • they are self-motivated
  • they are skilled risk-takers

More than anything, intrapreneurs are innovators.

Given their intimate exposure to a department of task, an intrapreneur can see first-hand what problems or challenges can arise at their level. Because they think like an entrepreneur, it is within an intrapreneur’s nature to find a solution to the problem without inconveniencing other members of the team. Intrapreneurs receive praise for taking this kind of initiative because, who better to solve the problem than the person with the skills and experience on the issue?

Oftentimes it’s the person managing the day-to-day tasks who is most skilled at finding innovative solutions to fix or improve their scenario. During Everblue’s Innovation & Intrapreneurship program, we’ll teach you how to spot the intrapreneurs in your organization and how to foster their success for the good of the overall company. If you think you might be an intrapreneur yourself, this program is also a great choice for you, as we’ll review key soft skills shared by entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and look at case studies of how leaders like you have used their skills to innovate and move a company forward.

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Everblue's Innovation & Intrapreneurship Program Details

Course Description: Everblue's Innovation & Intrapreneurship program will help you channel your inner leader - regardless of where you stand within your organization. This training will provide clarity and actionable steps you can take to make a difference in your department. Though some employees may feel like their contributions are subtle, we'll teach you to recognize the value that intrapreneurs bring to an organization, namely looking at how innovation leads to business success.

Prerequisites: None! We will teach you how to maximize your leadership skills at your current place of employment and how you can grow yourself and your business.

Audience: This program is ideal for business owners, department managers, young professionals, and anyone with a self-motivated business acumen.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying Organizational Roles
  • You Might Be an Intrapreneur If…
  • Entrepreneurial & Intrapreneurial Soft Skills
  • Challenges to Intrapreneurship
  • How Intrapreneurs Measure Success
  • What is Innovation?
  • Incorporating Innovation into Existing Businesses
  • How Your Company Can Be the Next Google
  • Learning from Lockheed Martin, 3M, Intel, Xerox, and Siemens
  • How to Cultivate Rising Intrapreneurs