ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional Training

ISSP's Advanced Sustainability Professional Credential

coming soon imageAfter passing the first ISSP Certification exam, you may be anxious to take your knowledge of sustainability to the next level. With the advanced ISSP Certified Sustainability Professional designation, you can plunge head first into the wide world of greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and sustainability reporting.

ISSP-CSP credential holders demonstrate knowledge and experience with all of ISSP's six Core Competency areas. This second-tier credential will allow you to build on your existing skill set and upgrade your ISSP-SA designation. Make your mark on the sustainability industry and become one of the first to hold this esteemed credential.  Get started now with ISSP Sustainability Associate training!

Please Note: ISSP-CSP candidates are required to pass the ISSP Sustainability Associate exam before advancing to the ISSP-CSP level.

ISSP-CSP Eligibility Requirements

Candidates for this exam must demonstrate a combination of sustainablity-related work experience and formal education.

Specifically, the ISSP-CSP prerequisites are as follows:

  • Pass the ISSP Sustainability Associate exam
  • Provide information about degrees or training from an accredited institution or ISSP Education Partner
  • Provide three references who can attest to your work as a sustainability professional

From there, a candidate will complete and upload the application form on ISSP's website.

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