ISSP Sustainability Associate Explained

ISSP's sustainability certification program is a multi-tier program for individual credentialing. All candidates must begin at the Sustainability Associate level and progress to the Certified Sustainability Professional level. Additional eligibility requirements apply for the advanced level.

To become an ISSP Sustainability Associate, one must pass a professional credentialing exam that has 75 multiple-choice questions.

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What is ISSP Sustainability Associate?

Overview. This entry-level designation is perfect for newcomers to the field of sustainability. This is a great starting point for individuals from all industries who seek to incorporate sustainability into their work and daily lives. Candidates for the ISSP-SA exam should have sufficient education and training to pass a test on basic knowledge and understanding of key sustainability concepts.

ISSP Sustainability Associate demographics

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Exam Eligibility. Candidates must complete an application form, sign the Code of Ethics Declaration, agree to ongoing professional development.

Exam Breakdown. The ISSP-SA exam is a 2-hour, 75-question online exam. The questions will be randomly generated from a pool of questions contributed by a team of subject-matter experts. This exam pulls content from the ISSP Body of Knowledge. Because the exam is delivered online, candidates will know if they passed immediately upon completion.

How to Study. If you are new to the sustainability industry, you should start with a live Sustainability Associate training course from Everblue. This class focuses on basic themes and terms related to sustainability. We will walk you through core sustainability concepts that directly pertain to the ISSP Sustainability Associate Certification exam.

Taking the Exam. The ISSP Sustainability Associate exam is available seven days a week and at the time of your choosing. The computerized exam is hosted by Kryterion, a third-party testing center, but can also be remotely proctored using webcam software.

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