ISSP Sustainability Associate Syllabus

ISSP Sustainability Associate Syllabus

Everblue's ISSP-SA Exam Prep course includes live in-class instruction with a complete sustainability glossary, ISSP practice exam, and strategies for passing the ISSP certification exam. 


  • Defining Sustainability 
  • Global and Local Economic Trends & Issues 
  • Factors Driving Sustainability
             – External Factors
             – Internal Factors
             – Triple Bottom Line
             – Life Cycle Assessment
  • Historically Significant Events
             – Brundtland Commission
             – Kyoto Protocol
             – Agenda 21
             – Various COP Events 
             – ENERGY STAR
             – GRI
             – LEED
  • Frameworks of Sustainability
  • Regulatory Trends & Policies
  • Plan for Implementation
  • Materiality Analysis
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventorying
  • Sustainability Certifications
  • Terminology 

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